Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Kennedy discussed on Howie Carr


Connecticut senator chris murphy and the richard blumenthal or the or or the massachusetts senators mr frosty ed markey in the fake envy of elizabeth warren and the two people who would like to replace themself molten joe kennedy paid their basically into that they they know that the people who are going to support them in when they're running for reelection or for the senator for uh president are are going to be great great lee in those if the people that belong to the nra don't like what they are proposing it doesn't really matter if the proposal works or if it could get through congress or even if it's even if it has any basis in reality for what they're saying it could do it's it's just to make their it's feel good legislation for their constituents they either again most of the gun laws that have been imposed in this country in the last uh i don't know forty years both both state and federal cannot enforce so why you've got to put more laws on the bucks if you're not going to enforce the laws it's the when they talk about a common sense gun reformer comprehensive gun reform gun law reform it's like comprehensive immigration reform you don't need comprehensive immigration reform you need to win forceful laws you already have you need to enforce the gun control laws you already have start locking people up horror award drug dealers were committing crimes drug crimes while they were in the possession of a firearm especially in the unlicenced firearm especially an unlicensed the modified automatic serial number of blida rated firearm they're supposed to get three years on an after for that but the vault patrick thought they were the hall patrick barack obama and eric holder thought they were putting too many of their constituents in prison so they stop basically enforcing those loss for the last eight years and the people who were hollered and went to prison for drug law drug violations while light using god's obama pardoned hundreds of them hundreds if not thousands of on his way out the.

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