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I had gone with mario lopez. Wwl mario lopez now on zoom for netflix. Show mr e. guess yes my man. gabriel iglesias. Yes what's going on how you doing. So colonel sanders eighty trip out. When you saw that. I got to lose another role to you. Broke a hook you up with some chicken even know what campsie tastes like dude. I grew up with a kfc but my you because when they asked me you know what kfc what what sticks in my mind growing up as a kid. That's i was introduced to the sport you know what's up with the sport. I love underrated in the mashed potatoes and gravy was good. I was introduced to the sport at taco bell. Really ask the sport sees the first one that i know what you know about that. They would have that little the pudding the layer. Yes yeah the brand. And then you'd like the cream and then you get to the bottom and that's what magic. That's exactly okay. I can talk food with the all day right there. But i've got a little bone to pick with you. You know. I love you but bro. You've been following all kinds of people on twitter. You've been on this frenzy. What do i gotta do to get a follow back. What a dick. I don't follow you on twitter. No yeah that's right. Follow right there player doing it right now real good. I don't wanna guilt you into it. But i did. I mean we're gonna check in a couple of hours. I'll make sure no we're going to make sure it's still i do give you major love mino- that we follow him. I don't know how that happened. I love it. I love it. Congrats part three. A mystery. iglesias is now live on netflix. On the season. I'm on meat. I didn't even touch it. there it is oh see follows it all. You guys lied to me. No we just follow follow it all. Don't make us get the lie detector. I love it proof right there. All right you're my boyega. Probably thinking of a different account..

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