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You very much this was everybody on Capitol Hill meantime house Democrats are getting to work on the impeachment of president trump here's the AP soccer Madani his wrongdoing strikes at the very heart of our constitution saying he left Democrats no choice but to move ahead he's the one who's dividing the country the president say that it's a hoax it's a big fat oaks earlier tweeted Democrat should get on with it so he can get a fair trial in the GOP led Senate the house is expecting a full vote by Christmas just the fourth case of Congress tried to remove the chief executive soccer mag Donnie at the White House Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelinsky is heading into a meeting in Moscow in a push to end more than five years of fighting with Moscow backed separatist in the eastern part of his country you will meet for the first time with Russian president Vladimir Putin a six story building collapsed in Nairobi Kenya with some people fear to be trapped in the debris a Coast Guard vessel collided with the navy boat over off Alaska's Kodiak island at least nine people were injured this is a P. news the slide continues for the Dallas Cowboys they fall to six and seven on the season after losing to the bears in Chicago last night thirty one twenty four cowboys quarterback dak Prescott says the team is struggling but they're still the top team in the NFC east this team is focused on right now and that's the only thing that matters as I said some our six to seven and still in front of our division nobody's looking past this day this moment this time and we can't the bears have won four out of their last five games Leonard Goldberg has died the name may not be familiar but he has a connection to a lot of TV classic guests I am Mr all your hopes welcome to fantasy island Goldberg was a network and studio executive producer whose TV credits include fantasy island and Charlie's angels Goldberg is also responsible for the C. B. S. current series blue bloods over produced films like big in die.

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