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So I feel like they're going to be able to really succeed with those three receiver sets, whereas Allen Tiro Williams and Mike Williams, and then Travis Benjamin sprinkled in there. I really like that team, hey, you know that like viral clip a couple of years ago, this Trent Dilfer where he was like in order to win the National Football League, you gotta learn to not lose. You know what I'm saying? Like I understand why that's funny. I think it's very funny, but I kind of feel that way with the chargers. You're so right. I hate. Where so much. Let me say it's like, you know what, guys, let's learn not to lose. Let's learn not to just somehow give up a massive play with fifty five seconds left what's learned to not throw the crappy kicker for some reason and have him this chip shots. I just there's just so many. If you gave bell check the chargers. There'd be some problems for the NFL. Oh my God. I'm not saying the he bad coach. I'm just saying we saw some issues last year from a strategic stamp. He would turn Derwin James into like a flaming hunk of knives slick. It would be terrifying and he might be anyone ever would have taken Joey Bosa. He would have just kept trading back. The bow saying thing is so fun. I, the corners are excellent. You'd throw Derwin. James in their Jalil day is very good, secondary safety. That's a really good team. All right. AFC wildcard, teams, boy, you know, I'm gonna say the first of all this gets into what happened last year, which is not enough. Good AFC teams. Yes. So I'm gonna go with the chiefs based on Mr.. Andy Reid. I'm with you on that. I guess, I guess by virtue of their defense, I'm going to go with the Jacksonville Jaguars. I am not going to do that. Okay. Okay. Picking the titans. I liked the titans. I feel looser. Looser pick. Basically, Matt leflore, and dean pees pick. I think he's an underrated defensive coordinator. I really do pick and I like their personnel. I just feel like John Robinson has done a very good job assembling that team. And I feel like now he has a coaching staff and put in place that could actually kind of on lock it. It's Mario, if Mario can really take a step back, I guess, take fuller with the flu or if that offense coalesce is if they really learn how to use those weapons. I think that team could be really fun. The chiefs I think could win eleven games. It's solely by virtue of their offense. I have zero faith in their ability to stop anybody, but I have a lot of faith in their boat to score thirty five points a game..

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