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Stories. It was part of the platform that was meant to be fun and spontaneous and not so curated in it was meant to be impermanent disappear. I thought to myself. I should spend several hours every day making these mixed up from instagram. The testing a vertical stories. Feed remember when instagram was testing a horizontal news. Feed to mimic stories on the accidentally launched it to everyone while that i did didn't stick but this one might. Instagram has confirmed. It's working on vertical feet stories way uses. Would swipe open down to browse. Just like how. We navigate reels antique tokes fee page. Vets-go scrolling has always been the norm for news feeds but impact. Thanks to tiktok. This behavior has now been normalized for short form video. This news also comes after instagram. Had adam missouri revealed that the pot foam plans to consolidate its video features and simplify the app on small hinting at the possible extinction of tv and a modem possible revamp reels missouri admitted behind tiktok. Now our strategy director might wade crowfoot says. It's only a matter of time before bed. Video scrolling is the primary full instagram app. Under missouri's plans for video consolidation. Could we see a video fast. Vertical feet on instagram in which instagram reels and mixed together that would certainly be interesting to see the effect on static content which remains instagram's foundation albeit one that the product team seems canes got away from if a vertical stories did become a reality. It would also mean changes to current features on us behavior like swipe ups that being said. Instagram has made it clear that this feature is an internal prototype still in development and won't be available to the public for some time in.

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