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Flexible in smaller right and this is something that might be not only in this from the outside but even from the inside and indie end if we do we drive the development. I think yeah. I think it is a good development. I think it would. we're looking. We need more distributed rituals distributed orders. Because i think the society used to be very centralized and very stalinist and know you go into one big big metropolis to do your rituals and you go. I think what we need. Smaller more distributed systems with the teaching and the influence of that teaching is distributed over wider area. And that's something. I would like to work on once covered disappears because i think this there is scope for much smaller more flexible structures that are internet based i mean rituals art internet obviously but the actual distribution of information. Everything else is much more possible now than it was in one thousand nine hundred eight. Golden dawn was four. Yeah yeah and that's a fascinating to new way of doing things in a way but as you say we have to find a way how far can lead us. Individual work right. Yeah exactly. I think this is a problem. And it needs to be experimented with first disea- if it works because i don't think most of the groups that have experiment in practice have not been looking at these particular things they've been looking at. Well does this god. Does this ritual work and everything else but very few of them have been interested in. Let's have an experimental strache that we can think survive the next two hundred years very interesting. Well lots of things to talk about and and observe and to talk about that again in a couple of years and see where we've gone from that immediate reason why we meeting here today is a book you just about our releasing the you told me you go to your own copy today if i understood you officially out is beneficially out before i got my copy. But it's officially out okay. I i ordered it three days ago. But it's not yet here and that book is called star and stone and eighties. Talking from what i know from what you've told me what i've read about it about the connection between geomancy and astrology my saying that right. Yep okay so well. Nick tell us more about that. We have time to talk a little bit about that too. Of course most people here know a lot about the strategy. I would guess but geomancy already is a subject that might be less common among our listeners. Here i think we start there. Why geomancy in the first place without astrology. Well geomancy itself started out without astrology. It was a simple master of well. The name was came from fat. They used to poke holes in the ground and get a donation based on that and it was an an arabic at least in arabic technique could go back earlier. But nobody's ever succeeded improving it but what happened was when moved from arabic or islamic countries in the probably the eighth and ninth century was used to understand astrology and as as interesting point because what somebody did and which is a very golden dawn approach to things. They looked the geometric symbols which they're sixteen and said okay. There's sixteen symbols therefore lines. These are the elements and so they applied i. They applied elemental theory to it of the time. Airfoil i water and that sort of thing. Then they took it another step further and someone thought what would happen if we use these donations to make extra logical chance specifically hari charts and somewhere along the lines probably around the thirteenth fourteenth century. They hatched out of the system which is a combination of both the arabic and the astrology and it created what is a poor. Man's hurry astrology. Oh another words. One stupid people may connects understand because hari astrology. I love hurry strategy. Those that h Cold sue ward. Who is who was honestly hari genius. I mean she could do things with hari which she could locate people and things like that it was. It was a wonderful thing to watch. And i was completely honestly envious but unfortunately when it came to actually doing hari it was beyond me. I just couldn't do it. And but with geomancy i could and it was simplest system. It doesn't require a famous is donald. A random number generation of four figures is very difficult to four like tarot readings tarot reading. You can say. well yes. it's death and the devil is probably not going to be there. Bad death change that sort of thing. Geomancy is a bit more black and white. You can is a bit harder to escape if you get a dodgy reading and if it says no it says it means it and it one of the things that's been fum about getting into it is that i've been to a lot of readings find a lot of systems and actually finding that that one's the from the sixteenth century and go a fringe michael. Christopher casson give pretty good accurate readings what geomancy needed desperately was to be modernized. And one of the problems with geomancy is been that it was taking the traditional astrology astrological lines with things like session. Mas which great melih fix and in the medieval times if you did a reading and you saw these figures you would. You would say you know it was..

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