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He just goes, he goes dry and all of a sudden you're like two hour and 30 minute roll. Let's go. Yo, you're fucking buying, you know, putting a mortgage down on a house because of it. Yeah, he's a holy shit, does he get hot? His pregame outfits, man. They've been a lot of chat online, but I know we've been sharing them too. He's got a unique, a unique style. It's pretty funny. We love to see these guys showing their personality. A few other play notes here. Island is Dana Chara, future Hall of Famer. He passed Chris chelios for the most games played by an NHL defenseman, when he played in his 1652nd game Thursday in San Jose. I thought it was really cool the shocks honored him on the jumbotron. They had a clip from Patrick Milo, you know, praising chai. I was just, you know, pretty cool to see the opposition, give him a little doubt like that. He also had a scrap as well in that game with Jeffrey ville and he became the oldest fighter in NHL history as well, at least the oldest play to get a fighting major. His 77th regular season fight and to give a little nice pat in the head after so congrats big Zeke, keep getting a gun out there and his teammate Zach parisi on the same game squad his 400th goal at the tenth act of guy to do so in the 5th from that famous O three draft, Eric stahl, Joel pavelski, Jeff Carter and Corey Perry, I have also done the same. Edmondson Ford Derek Ryan notched his first hat trick of his career Saturday at 35 years old, becoming the 8th oldest play to do so in league history, Nick lidstrom requested the oldest at 40 years old and a defenseman to boot. Let's see, rattling right along here. Boston's Brad my shine, my boy. Said he's not going to peel the NHL. I pulled in the 6 game suspension. I know you had already served it, but this is more about getting I would say money back right biz if you're on it's more about getting your dough back. And Brad said, I think I'm just going to move past it. It is what it is what it is at this point. I miss being around the guys. I miss being part of the group. He did return to action Thursday night. I also want to congratulate the May shines on the birth of their baby daughter this week. So congrats to Brad, and I gave a little tweet, he was on the back. I was like, oh, this is what the media doesn't want you to show. Clearly a troll clearly a joke 'cause some people didn't like it. Dude, it's hilarious. Twitter used to be a place you can joke ten years ago and people got it. Now it's like either people don't get it or they try to correct you. It's like people are a little wound up. Clearly. I have a snapshot every now and then on there. I used to snap a lot more, but I've had some written out response tweets and I'm like, oh, don't send that. And then Twitter's like, are you sure you want to threaten this person? I said meet the media doesn't want to say 14 F bombs in this tweet, sir. Utilizing three different funds of media, but say in the media don't want you to see it. Like, that's the joke. In fact, it just fucking seals over everybody's head, but once again, congrats to the last one. We got that little lady coming to you. We got to talk about your boys sandbagger. Participant cult caulfield absolutely on fire since mighty San Luis took over 6 goals for assist in the first 7 games out of Marty St. Louis. He had just 8 points and 30 games under DOM Duchamp. They put him on a line with Nick Suzuki and Josh Anderson. They won 5 straight and they've combined 19 points. Mighty similar you said, I can see this line being together for a long time. It's like, yeah, the combinations they have out there right now, you know, Canadians, the seasons, probably lost, but they're building for the future. Have you seen them play much at all? I know the Canadians are probably on number one you read her. No, no, I haven't, but I'm really happy for him and it just shows that the ups and downs of professional hockey doesn't matter how long you play or how short you've been in the league. They're always there. It doesn't matter if your Sidney Crosby or a young rookie. There's times when it's really hard, you're struggling a little bit, you're squeezing the stick tight and you can maybe have a coach and I don't know the relationship between coffee and Duchamp, but maybe the trust wasn't necessarily there and obviously the ice time I don't think that it was what caulfield had hoped for and you get a new coach in and not only is it a new coach, it's a guy you probably idolized as a player and undersized forward or went on to be a Hall of Famer who no doubt had a talk with caulfield about how much you believed in him and now you just you're seeing what's going on with a little belief for a player and there's not anything that's changed is skating stride hasn't changed his release is still the same. It's mental. It's your mind and in terms of looking at situations at different way while also getting a chance to play on a better line. So Suzuki and caulfield's games have both exploded since St. Louis takes over and the problem is if you're a Canadian fan, you really want that first overall pick. It's almost like, wow, wow, wow, wow. Hold on, hold on. I love caulfield scoring. You better break up that fucking line. Yeah, so you don't want them winning the fucking door and break up that line, man. But I'm happy for him because, you know, before the season, the expectations were sky high and that team has just been such a, it's been such a struggle this year that now you're looking for at least positivity for certain players. And I think caulfield has proven not only to the fans and to the coaching staff of St. Louis, but himself like, all right, I am still the player I know I was and know I am and I'm going to be able to score at this level where maybe some people question that. Sandler was like, dude, this season's over. Go out there and get your fucking cookies, buddy. I'd be hanging out with that fucking far blue line. All night, brother. Get over there, fuck the rest of these guys, man. Get your skrill a dog? One for the little guys, man. Come on. Fuck these big mother fuckers back here with those long legs, man. You get your breath. A couple injuries to note here. Carolina defenseman, Tony Deangelo, like I said before, he's been a huge part of that D, they haven't missed dougie all that much after signing him. He's going to be able for at least a month because of a midsection injury. His 40 points, a third on the team 16 power play points and plus 19 lead the team, the team did recall Jalen chatfield from HL Chicago. Vegas gully Robin lenna in Ford Nolan Patrick both placed on Aya. The Lena injury doesn't seem to be too serious. He should be back soon. Obviously we mentioned Patrick before we wish him the best. Hopefully we can get back out there soon..

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