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I'm Sara Lee Kessler. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants an investigation into reports ahead of the state's Covad vaccine distribution effort is making loyalty calls on behalf of Governor Cuomo. Larry Schwartz has reportedly been calling Democratic County executives to see where they stand with the embattled governor. Deals that the sexual harassment and nursing home scandals what we've heard about the governor and his team trying to link vaccine supply to political support, that is the definition of corruption. De Blasio has repeatedly argued the city hasn't gone its fair share of doses. I'm Christine Marks for 77 W. ABC News. Curtis Liu, who announced his campaign for mayor this morning, is also urging Cuomo to resign. Sleep what is founder of The Guardian Angels and A long time radio talk show host and political activist. He's running as a Republican in New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says he'll nominate Rachel Waner after of Englewood to the state Supreme Court. I am grateful beyond measure. The faith you have placed in me with this nomination after has been a top adviser to the state attorney general. Since 2018 on civil rights and immigration issues Sports The aisles beat the Devil's last night tonight, the Rangers host the Flyers. The Nets host the Knicks traffic in transit up next Now, your forecast from the Ramseys Subaru Weather Center 35 degrees sunny dropping to 28 tonight. 41 the high tomorrow from the 77 W ABC News desk. I'm Sara Lee Kessler. W A. B C traffic in TRANSIT. There's an accident on 95 South found New England Thruway Right around East Gun Hill Road, A collision traffic is jammed from Coop City Boulevard. Down to the accident site. Cross Bronx moving slowly westbound. From the Bronx River Parkway out to the George Washington Bridge. Nassau County Big Construction to Lay Here on the Southern State Parkway westbound now from around Grand Avenue, not to him. Stead Avenue traffic is jammed. And construction on the Belt Parkway Letter and Stillwell levity that's causing delays. Best FAM from NAM Street eastbound Traffic is slow from Bay Parkway, Staten Island. What's about Staten Island Expressway backed up from slashing Avenue after Victory Boulevard with roadwork. I'm Jake relates Talk radio 77 w A. B C running the strange program Young. It's a long way till dawn without Frank Murano and the other side of midnight scientific proof of their existence, meaning alien civilizations intriguing conversation. Guests and callers have to listen to him now. I really can't sleep. I can't wait until one o'clock in the morning. Who needs sleep? When you've got Frank Murano and the other side of midnight? I'm a different man..

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