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I'm Chris Miller on your official weather station. Wwl amfb dot com. Tropical Storm Beta has formed out of depression 22 in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. WWL TV meteorologist Chris Franklin tells us it will be slow to develop as it moves north and then West over the night. Tonight and into tomorrow. It's going to continue that generally slow motion toward the North North North East officially at nine miles an hour. Then, as we get into the weekend, it begins a turn toward the West. Franklin says the Depression won't hurt our weather this weekend. Cooler and drier air is on the way, but at the same time we'll stand or mostly cloudy skies with some light showers. Moving in from the Gulf, starting off tonight. Mostly cloudy again about a 20% chance for some light rain with overnight lows into the seventies, some upper sixties and cool, less humid, and that's going to continue one through Saturday. Mostly cloudy and breezy with a 40% chance for some light showers. The local weather expert forecast is on the way. New Orleans police today released video of what happened when an officer hit and killed a bicyclist in Algiers last month. W. Wells. Dave Cohen watched the video Police chief Shawn Ferguson says Officer Derek Williams was headed to work on General DeGaulle in Algiers when he went through the intersection with West Bend Parkway. The traffic light for Officer William at that time was green, he says. The 54 year old bicyclist Carl Odoms, was heading north bound on West Band and rode through I really like the video shows Officer Williams via call hitting Odoms. The collision killed the bicyclist officer, Williams was required to submit to a Drug and alcohol tests. The tests determine Officer Williams was not impaired. The video contradicts alleged witness claims You can see the video online at wwl dot com. More than 160,000 cases of Corona virus so far in this pandemic for Louisiana State reports 976 new cases today Another 29 deaths brings the total of 5172 16 fewer patients are hospitalized today. A total of 647 CBS's 60 Minutes will showcase Ellis You head football coach at order on Sunday night to a nationwide audience. Kevin Barnhardt has the story from the WWL, Baton Rouge bureau director. Nancy is the special assistant to the head coach and says producers had 60 minutes realized just how compelling Coco's story of success truly is kind of a redemption story. There is time and Ole Miss and bouncing back to getting to the point in time where he gets his dream job. And, you know, certainly that almost Disney like ending with us during the national championship, not only will you get a more personal Coach Joe, but they'll get to meet his mother. Koko should time with her. You understand where Coach gets his energy from 60 Minutes Air Sunday night at 6 30 on CBS. Here's the local weather expert forecasts. Still many question marks on our tropical system in the southwestern golf. We'll get to that in just a second. Starting off with this evening, though, and tonight mostly cloudy skies, most of our rainfall ending but about a 20% chance for some light lingering showers. Mostly cloudy during the day on Saturday. Breezy but cooler high temperatures on ly in the low eighties and less humans who will feel a lot nicer may not be the prettiest of days without a 40% chance for some light, lingering showers. That'll be the case on Sunday with high temperature staying in the upper seventies morning start on Sunday and Monday, sixties and seventies. Rain chances taper off to run 30% for early next week and then we'll be watching our tropical system move our way, likely start to see an increase in a south easterly wind, which will kick up the winds offshore begin to see maybe some coastal flooding. And rainfall increasing late Wednesday and Thursday as to how much rainfall still very much a question marks from your weather. Expert forecast center I'm w L T V. Chief meteorologist Chris Franklin I'm Chris Miller WWL First news for the latest on the pandemic. Visit wwl dot com slash corona virus. We now join CBS Sports radio already in progress from our Jefferson Financial, Federal credit Union Studios on.

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