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Opening clinics for the first time, people 80 and older can begin receiving the Cova 19 Vaccine and Hamilton County. The Health Department has a goal of administering 116 160 vaccine. Today News A Talia Hodges is live in Noblesville, where people will roll up their sleeves. Good morning. Hey, Good morning. So this vaccination site here at the four H Fairgrounds is opening at nine o'clock this morning. They have 800 dosages for the week. But the health department hopes to give out at least 160 today. Now this is the first time people 80 and older will be joining first responders and health care workers and getting their vaccination shot. Those who need transportation to and from here are two dialed to 11. The State Health Department says people will have Come back at least 28 days later for their second dosage. Now Christian Walker. He's with the Hamilton County Health Department, he says. Getting people 80 years old and older, vaccinated as soon as possible will relieve the strain on our healthcare system and prevent them from getting sick and possibly dying. The older folks are more likely to have negative outcomes up to and including death in the if they catch cold, bitter, they contract Colbert so by vaccinating down, we're preventing them from having that negative outcome. It's also helping relieve the strain on our healthcare system as well. The hammock Tin County Health Department. They're still asking people to wear their masks. Even after getting vaccinated to still wash their hands and socially distant. The site will be open until four o'clock this afternoon. Monday through Friday, they will be giving out the vaccination from 9 A.m. to 4 p.m.. Now to learn how to register. You can head to our Web site at which TV Com Reporting Live in.

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