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Tell you how the players responded in the moment with thunderous applause. Thanks in no small part to the gigantic survivor David versus Goliath banner that unfurled behind the contestants at just the right time. Before long, the enthusiasm became something else. The David tribe consisting of ten men and women who are quote unquote used to proving people wrong and defying expectations were thrilled with their designation almost without exception. The opposite was true of the Goliath drive. A group pro describes as ten strangers with one thing in common winning and being used to having the advantage to squash their opponents. If Probst expected chest something from the purple buffed goliaths he didn't get it at least not easily. It required some time, some finesse and a healthy back and forth between the goliaths before they. Ultimately came around their place in the survivor food chain, more less at first the back and forth was a matter of words alone. In time. It became a matter of action after several minutes of opening banter, the survivors were thrust into the first battle of the game designed to embody the season's theme. Here's the premise of the opening challenge in which the tribes are playing for a day one shelter building. It begins with the lions who are tasked with selecting two champions from their own ranks while also selecting who they perceive to be the to quote unquote, weakest members of the David drive. The four players will then compete in a two v to obstacle course. One that's essentially designed by David's designated weaklings to be clear. The sprawling challenge occurring entirely on the cargo ship was built and designed by the brilliant John cure Hoffer and his team. But it's a challenge built for customization with three distinct. Ages that each have three distinct ways forward, not only did the David get to decide which path is there's. They also get to select the path of their enemy. Put another way Goliath chooses the gladiators while David picks the weapon, no spoilers on the results except for this, the way the challenge plays out is physical fierce and flat out fun..

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