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It's just hard to be a passing game team. I believe that's why I start early winter the United States, I feel like had it turned into that ground and pound style. Football teams have won the second half the NFL season. And in the Kansas City. Obviously there are a team that likes to throw thrown all over the place. They're also missing Kareem hunt was a fantastic football. Absolutely good on them to take the stand. Even though it hurt their team and has put them back and add to make them kind of reassess where they are offensively. We can't talk about one side without the other. So given that we talked about the FCC in the top teams there and the NFC kind of more jumble between the Rams finally got back on track winning the cardinals. The saints. Offense was struggling for a while. But the defense has shut teams down the bears. The Vikings just seems to be up for grabs completely. And then the NFC who do you like coming out of there? You're right. It's a mixed bag. I do like the same part that two thousand nine Minnesota Viking team or we went down to the Superdome. Lost the championship game ended up being what they call the bountygate game a loss overtime Brett farve. Unbelievable day was sort of legendary game. So I if anybody knows how hard it is to win in the super dome in the playoffs. And so you just gotta think nobody's gonna go into who DAT nation down there. And and find a win in the super dumps. Why like I think the Rams are really good. They have issues with their secondary in particular Peters on on the left side. But they they're very very mixed bag in their Seattle's a team that no one wants to play in the thirteen that. No, no offense wants to see that defense. And so, yeah, there's sort of a mixed bag in the NFC. But you gotta think the New Orleans Saints played at home. Great chance to be the Super Bowl this year who certainly brings the rightness of bourbon street and sign a close stadium. Definitely gives you a great home field advantage. I'm sure as you do more than most. Thank you so much sage Rosenfels as I said he can follow him at at sage Rosenfels eighteen the former NFL quarterback in the rights for the athletic, and Minnesota have you honest, you get home safe, and we'll talk again soon the playoffs. Happy holiday me. How much the stage and we're looking for the week seventeen the playoffs right now. I'm looking forward to an update from breaker Serta. Sports flash. Brian Christmas day.

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