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But if Chris Rashard that it to motivate the Cowboys, that's totally fine. With me Chris Rashard at the various looks like the defensive coordinator of the future for the Cowboys. I know a lot of people would prefer him to be the head coach. We'll see where all that goes. But it goes without saying that his impact on the Cowboys his impact on this defense has been extremely impressive. You know, the real wrecks on periscope brings up something that is a bit of a left turn. But I think is very important says Conor McGregor style. And you'll remember about a month ago. Now when the Cowboys beat the Jacksonville Jaguars at home. That was the day that Kana McGregor was eight ten to stadium before the game. When he got in the pregame huddle with the Cowboys, and Jerry Jones, etc. Blah, blah, blah. And after the game. If you subscribe to the blog of the boys podcast feed you heard the alive post game locker. Room sounds almost every single Dallas cowboy after the game talked about how Connor McGregor got them height was all this energy. How he really helped him kind of dial it in ramp that up etc. And I thought that that was counterfoil. And even though the Cowboys lost to the Tennessee times. Got another for -cation. Let's get that out of the way periscope. I think we're still stayed will start about that. But even though the Cowboys loss of the Tennessee titans. They all said after the game how there was so much energy early on. And you'll remember the Cowboys after their turnovers run into the end zone and posing for pictures excetera and on Sunday night off rose for second. Fly. My go says on periscope, thanks. I think we're good though, if you're watching please, let us now I think we have sable is we are back to doing things old school when it comes to how he broadcast hopefully that doesn't bother you. We have had some technical issues for a few weeks now, but we seem to be off and running with the old school sort of duct tape mentality. But either way the Cowboys had a lot of energy against the Jaguars. And they won that. And they had a lot of energy against the titans. They lost that game. They had a lot of energy on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. And I think that that was a different sort of energy. It was a different energy in that. It was a division rival. It was it was, you know, hatred or whatever you wanna call competitive fire and translated it really did translate. There was a brotherhood sort of Italian that you could see them the Cowboys in Philadelphia. And it's part of why they want that football game, which is a testament to them. And whatever you gotta do if you gotta go out. And you gotta get into a pre-game fight. Chris Rashard did do it. I mean, that's your job as a coach. And so I thought that was really impressive. And it looks like a lot of you agree on Twitter up in the blog on the boys. Facebook live. We will see the new giants on Monday night football. And they will probably be really really really bad. We'll see if Nick Mullins place for the San Francisco forty Niners..

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