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Temptations here's a guy that are usually quite often on the fox news channel and of course we salute him chris wallace chris wallace chris wallets chris wallace has got to be fifty two now i think chris wallace was older i believe he's probably sixty seven seventy but one down for the deborah gattone era the uk sammy winward sammy is she and a good look in one she's a soap opera is it cme with an eye no just so samm why oh wow it's even better or guys sammy with a why you gotta love a girl that spelled her name of the why i do yours all of us would you should try let's see sammy with ally goodlooking zabbra actress i'll put her at twenty eight thirty thirty one almost as you said thirty two you would have appeared via this lady is a tv show host i'd like to catcher show because she awfully good looking her name's cheji piper now i want everyone to understand the criteria see if he were to say ran on care about the content your awfully goodlooking we should get your show nobody would want that because she's goodlooking isn't care what she talks about just koshis goodlooking he wants to see the show that is correct i actually does radio that server katie piper above twenty six i would say should probably forty thirty all those three four furniture kd piper check our where her show was somebody let me know all right now we're getting i am i talking about the most one of the most indigenous people ever all his name is the christopher columbus them my question is the first celebration of columbus day in the usa held in new york city happen in what you're bob i'll say eighteen thirty one how botox he sell the ocean blue.

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