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Soldiers and airmen coming in from other states will be under my command is the adjective general. Oh, and ultimately under the direction of our commander in Chief Governor Evers. Meanwhile, nine NFL teams cancelling practice in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake, the air's on a cardinal's The Bears. Broncos Packers. Colts, Chargers, Jets, Titans and Washington football team All decided not to take the field Thursday. Ah, that, of course, was started by the N Bahia, the boycott there and since reverberated throughout the sports world. New projections published a Thursday by the CDC forecasting upto 200,000 deaths from Corona virus in the United States. By September. 19th comes as the U. S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention switched its guidance to say asymptomatic contacts of cases. Don't need to be tested. However, the World Health Organization's his country's should actively test people to find current virus cases, even if they are asymptomatic, the W H O Z Maria van Kharkov We've outlined our, um strategies to actively find cases. So we have recommendations to test suspect cases. Um and in situations where it is feasible and is possible. To expand testing where necessary to really look for the cases so that they could be isolated. Um, and that contact tracing cannon sou. Um, so there are different types of guidance that W Ho has put out on this. Including the normal laboratory guidance that we have. We have additional considerations for Ah, different prioritization of testing, depending on your intensity of transmission on DH. We have investigation guidance. So for the specific example of cluster investigations, testing may need to be expanded to look for individuals who are on the more mild end of the spectrum or hold me indeed be asymptomatic. Again. What's really important is that testing is used as an opportunity to find active cases so that they can be isolated. And so that contact tracing can also take place where you identify all of the context of a known case. That they could be quarantined and this is really fundamental to breaking chains of transmission. Earlier on Earlier Thursday, the show's chief for Europe warn that the virus is quote a tornado with a long tail. Said rising infections among young people could spread to more vulnerable older people. Arkansas Herod home reporting at least 411 students, teachers and staff at public schools are actively infected with the virus is In the states and new cases continue to rise. The state began releasing numbers from public school districts with more than five confirmed cases. A couple of days is into the new academic year, The Health Department reporting. 722 new confirmed cases overall in the state, bringing the total since the pandemic began to more than 58,000 of those 6600 are active cases that don't include people who have died or recovered. The Michigan Supreme Court postponing arguments over Governor Gretchen Whitmer, his use of emergency powers until September 9th the one week delay is needed because of an illness on Justice Richard Bernsteins staff, he said. An indispensable aid is struggling with covert 19. A federal judge hearing a dispute over Wittmer is that Corona virus restrictions, has asked the Supreme Court for an opinion on her power to renew certain orders related to Cove in 19. Separately, the Republican controlled legislatures challenged Wittmer with its own lawsuit. And governor Laura Kelly says Kansas will apply to participate in the federal program. That's providing additional benefits to workers who've lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Her announcement Thursday, coming less than two weeks after the Democratic governor questioned the program's legality, and suggested it could be difficult to administer. Kelly's office says the state would use a portion of its One billion in federal current virus relief funds to cover part of the added benefits, saying it's quote far from a perfect solution. But she said she couldn't sit idly by while many Kansans are still facing unemployment. SANTO Alabama. That's where Governor Kay Ivey is extending her statewide Basque order It's been credited with reducing cases. The Republican governor says the order will be extended until October 2nd. I'd be keeping in place other health orders to such as reducing occupancy and stores and limiting table seating in restaurants are compare..

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