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Did do get this a lot I think if like we had to rewind and we're you know we're both in high school and we're having to push on your your better soccer for sure than I was the best I mean. I'm like five six Not Overly so. There's not a lot and not against. He's actually really good basketball player. So like the the short answer is when we're both nineteen eighteen. Nineteen on the better soccer player than she is the Basle player but now she's definitely the better. I can't even. I can literally do one thing. It's basketball my body like freaks out if I do anything else rebounder. She is a good rebounder. He Your door saying of course until her arm circles arms Passes are like are you running or you bang. Are you catching it? And like you know banging the ball between your hands like like flares naked rebound so it really makes a big noise into. Yeah sometimes unlike if if I'm really feeling it and if I've got some good grace going all just do immediate put back. Yes which is really annoying really annoying to build up some good Nice Joe Ryan to do a workout and she gets like reverse layup. I'm like I'm just trying to get through this workout. Yeah it's your job eurostepped later. Ooh Yeah working on my way back working on I try to. I try to do what I'm supposed to do is then. That's you know what them. Therefore you know what she would be really good at though you can literally take over that guy be dot and that other guy that he always. The immigrant goes yes. She's like you'll be nominal go-to so he. He actually just did like a collection of my storm teammates summer and it was spot on like scary. Maybe we'll do a little video. That will be that would go by without definitely going viral. We'll do it together. Okay okay. Who who who would you analogize yourself to in the NBA? Megan earned the WNBA. Who who are you who's your NBA or Wnba Cop? If you played basketball would you be a chucker? Would you be a pass first player? Which play any defense would you? What would you be? I'd have a lot of fouls that was about to say aloud after tight in that part of the game up Gosh I don't know I do love passing. I like passing Yelling good lengthier the fun loose. I'd probably have not a great turnover to pay issue. You have the clutch gene. Yeah let's we can't argue with that anymore now. You got the clutch gene. I don't even know how many think of a pass first point guard fouls a yeah like click crimes. Isn't that good at defense? Like a not. Not I mean not even close to Steph like kind of like a step loose are you like are you like. We'll do the fun. Things also like have some wild ass turnover like Luca Luca. What's he's doing all the sports not just start naming like first team all NBA. Love me like right off the bat. We're GONNA have a loss lesser version. And now we're back to back up. Point guards backups. Your Lucas backup. Is that Jose Abreu Perfect Jay. No he's either. One is financing. How much trash talkers and Soccer Meghan? Not that much like the field I think is so big and everyone's running around so much Sometimes there's like a little bit. I don't really talk trash but definitely like in the league. I like to just kind of talk. I'm actually talking all the time like especially in training. 'cause I'm just like what are we. What else we doing out there? You know. We're come sit in between drills so everyone knows that if you're going to be around me on my side I'm just constantly just like Jackie. I guess it's kind of track but it's not. I'm not like doing it. I do a lot of this. Like hand. Waif like that a lot of commentaries just a running commentary for negotiated for what sue was. The was the World Cup hard to watch because I find soccer like absolutely agonizing to watch. I said man my wife. She's Croatian so he got to the Croatian World Cup. I just ask. I couldn't watch the Games. I couldn't watch penalty kicks your actually emotionally invested in it. Was it hard for you to watch? I think the hard part and I might be putting words in your mouth. It's like it's a sport where so like unfamiliar with so we have no sense of what the control is right. It's like basketball and I watch a basketball game. I see someone at the free throw line. I can like relate to that and be like. Oh yeah this person should make this but in soccer. There's like all these unknowns on what's makeable what's not what's this. What's that so she says Emotional Roller Coaster So the hardest parts I've said was watching her. Take penalty kicks again. Not because I was ever nervous. She was going to miss other small part of you where you're like. Oh my God if he misses is going to be bad to deal with it but it's more so like so I would. I would find myself being like all right. This is if I was on the free throw line. There's five seconds left at the game. And it's like okay. She's got because that's like something I can relate to. It was the unrelatable where I would find. That's where I get like anxious. Yeah you're more of like an internal internalizing while you're watching your emotions. I think I'm like a super crazy. I'm just like the normal fan section when games were like. Get it out so I can really do. I couldn't watch penalty. Kicks were unwatchable for me when I watch curl. They're kind of hard especially like when you go to the shootout like just one off is less but like in the cruelty of ever gonNA walk up and walk back and it's ten times time in this offense like so do you know making. Do you know any without naming names because this would be me even if I were a professional soccer player. Do you know any players who are like you know what? Just please never pick me to be. One of the penalty kick taker. I'm opting out of it. I don't WanNa do like actually kind of semi serious. Are there players that I mean kind of? Yeah we definitely have like well we practice them all temps that we do have a like a running sheet of like your percentage and how good you are like you know. We have like. Who's best on down? That would be. Who would take them? But then we definitely like end like even before. We're like listen if you're terrified. Say it because some people are like you know even sometimes it's like a player you wouldn't think maybe it's like a defender or something or like someone who you wouldn't think would be really good at penalty kicks. They're just really good. And sometimes someone who you think would be art. Like if you're terrified Just say it so we can put your the bottom of the list. Five players back. Yeah and some players only on like I'm not that comfortable taking like I I'll take one if I have to of course if I'm number ten or eleven on the list but like yeah some players in I encourage them like just be honest. Just 'cause like we need to have like everyone who's like once I want people who are like willing to like bang someone out of the way to take when I want those people up there. It's like it's a stressful thing. Where that's very comforting for me. That there are high level athletes who are terrified of it. Because I I wanted to watch sue. What is the most nervous? You have been in a basketball game whether it was a free throw. I imagine it has to be some static. Moment where the yeah. It's the free throws but what game. What moment yeah so In Russia so this is like this. Actually yeah in Russia they have is actually like a European thing not. Everybody subscribes to it. But a Lotta Times. It'll be a tie game. So let's say so. This is exactly what happened. My Team Spartak. We were we. Were Up to other team. Had the BAUGH. Let's call it twenty seconds. I know yet they come. They run a play they score. They tie the game so now. Let's say there's ten seconds we come out so the tie game in America. You just play that out and you count on your defense. A LOT OF TEAMS IN EUROPE. A lot of coaches. They have a different philosophy whether we want to have the ball last so they value so even though yeah so even though the scores tied. You're now on the foul if you miss so there's like I said seven to ten seconds. If you miss they now have the last shot. That's those two free throws out 'cause I first of all it's not what we had run a play. We call timeout Bali. Yeah I was like. Oh it was right on the inbound vow I was like Oh my God it caught me by surprise and then as I approached the free throw line I was like Oh like why off game or a random regular a regular season game but it was. There was like seating implications like we had to win the number one seat if we lost probably straight up oligarchs in front of an older like. It's why don't WanNa do that. Yeah you don't WanNa do that. They're holding up the scar. You don't WanNa do that A did you make them both in both. Why don't they are you? I bet you're like an eighty nine percent career free throw shooter. Why are they failing? You doesn't check out. I want to have the ball last. Well don't can't. They fell someone who shoot sixty percent ten seconds. But you were that nervous. What did you yourself down nothing. It's like we're talking about like taken abilities to sculpt there and shoot it I feel like I do the pre thing. Where might you know sort of even before the game or before tournaments even start life for the World Cup? Whatever I've already gone into my head and been like okay. There's a scenario where it goes into penalty kicks. We're in the final the World Cup. I Miss I lose the World Cup for the country. You've lived that scenario in your head like yeah so then I get there. I'm like well I mean. What could you know it's like so? That's what I told my team. There was a few like younger teammates who were like Honda stressing about the penalties. Not Make listen literally the worst thing that you could do is like lose the World Cup your country like yeah like just say it like. Don't be afraid to say 'cause like could happen you know. Just verbalize wow lost. The most for an entire nation of people worst. Well here we are instead of getting to that moment in your they could lose this whole thing for the nation and then like not as scary. Yeah you try and make it. Try to take the power one nine to get it. I've ever done that make it? What is your hottest basketball take? It could be anything could be a player. That's headed could be away. You would change the season. It could be any. What's your hottest take when you guys are watching games? Oh Man.

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