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The six and four in the fifth so really got the lead there after the marlins seemed to set the tone there but they win a fourteen to twelve there marlins trying to come back a little bit but could not in that one in texas the the rangers beat the tigers seven and five you've only or get sister of the season in milwaukee brewers win seven two two over the braves newly chesini gets his seventh win of the season he's pitched very well for the brewers this season in minnesota in milwaukee and minneapolis it's the twins and the orioles the twins win five to two sleepers gets the win his first of the season as the twins were able to get the lead there early in the ad on late as they win that one five two in houston the astros walkoff on the on the white sox with two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning yuli gurriel sparked the gets the pawpaw there for the astros as he singled knock into to win the game there in houston or make make that one george springer knocked a run as well to tie the game they're in the model ninthinning on thursday and arizona diamondbacks dropped one at home to the padres ponders win six to three in arizona and then in seattle the mariners take game one or the last game series against the angels four to one in seattle all right that was thursday now over to friday we'll give you some more in depth along with the home runs the way we usually do it over here on this show with these with these friday games as you know the giants and the cardinals got got their series going back again the giants the win this one late three two was the final it was tied to two giant score run in the bottom of the seventh inning to win this one pablo sandoval was featured as well hit his seventh hellman of the season that was in the sixth inning to take the lead for the giants the first time in four the cardinals tied it up and the angel mccutchen single in the bottom of the seventh inning gave them the lead the save in that one went to will smith his third of the season in chicago the reds continue to play well against the cubs as they win this one three two in at wrigley tower molly was very very good this one is he held the cubs bats very quiet as went six and twothirds innings one one allowed five hits two walks four strikeouts for him as he was pretty economical in in that outing one hundred and two pitches looking nine ground balls four five that's how you get outs keeping up on the ground in washington actually looking at home runs in this when we do we have any home runs in that game nope no home runs in that one all right going over to washington the we had three three games in a row of three two scores so i said oh tom was the high scoring games wait one more game the nationals beat the marlins three two on friday as again they got mark reynolds going for them he hit his eighth home run of the year to take the lead there in the bottom of the ninth inning they walk off homer was all they needed there with that pinch it blast in the ninth inning to win the game at home they're the the winning pitcher was was sean doolittle 'cause he was visited record with a starter in this one four the nationals was doing zala says he went five innings two hundred eight hits four walks four strikeouts dan strictly also pitch pretty good and his notices in six innings to runs allowed five hits three walks one strike up for him in philadelphia here's all the runs the phillies beat the this is in pittsburgh the bell of pennsylvania the phillies beat the pirates seventeen to five in this one as only two home runs odal harare hit his fifteenth and then nap his fourth of the season that's the guy who walked off last last week really going to get a home run from their young catcher there for the for the phillies andrew knapp that was his fourth season ends ronald the blue jays beat the keys as it was a nice pitching performance from the blue starter lucas bigelow.

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