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The jail somewhat of a pilgrimage site for uh for more mature it's like two mormons it's a martyrdom right right it's like going to see where the eu say peter was crucified or something so i went up the stairs in the jail into the room and it is not a big room if you've got five people in this room amine yet submits a crowded space playing in there were there were four people there joseph and his brother joe smith in his brother hiram were there john taylor who later be is was a successor joe smith as a mormon leader in the u tiro was there and my grigor grandfather willard richards was there and he was the only one unhurt by the assassination right so what what makes this this is sort of like a another disputed defenestration because there were also bullets fiat nobody thrown physics do you have to be held and thrown like you know like the undertaker going off the top roped effort to be a defenestration i mean i feel like we are establishing four the future ling's four people you know subsidiaries from now listening to this podcast we're kind of establishing what what qualifies as a defense gratien so i think we can make a ruling our call we'll be definitive so if as i understand the history in a justice with is in a cell awaiting trial on charges of treason he uh treason to the united states yeah he was the mayor of novel he had ordered a printing pro other things were already always touchy between the mormons and other settlers uh mistakes were made right on both sides i sure there was there were some matters that were unresolved right and in this case joe smith as the city council of nabu led by smith had ordered the destruction of the printing press that have been used to print you know that have unusually print leaflets by his political enemies you know the only issue of an anti mormon newspaper and this is curious to me that he would rather than persecute them somehow personally he would destroy the printing press maybe that's the novel equivalent of the defenestration of you throw a printing press outta at a at a newspaper office window sure so he was imprisoned by people in a neighboring town.

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