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Hey, I'm Sarah Gonzales, welcome to the news. And why it matters Glenn? What was the top story for you Kardashian? And their firefighting squad. Probably the first time you've ever said the Kardashians. Are your top story. And hopefully my last two. A story with someone less relevant in the Kardashians. Michael nadi? All right. I already feel like this is going to be a heck of a show Andro. I'm going to talk about the hatred in the American heart. There's some that are disturbing coming out. Awesome. Before we get into sub guy. You're really truly one of my favorite individuals that I think I have met a very long time. Thank you, Glenn. It's really more of a statement. I don't get out. You know? Before we get into all of that one. I think our sponsor brick house. So I have not been sleeping well lately. I don't know if it's the weather change or what? But I'm kind of living off of from dawn to dusk right now their product that gives you energy without the jitters feelings of coffee, but they also have field of greens, which is much tastier than what you will find on this table. It is one than anything that you will find that is the color green with an exception of possibly apple. Sometimes I scream. Mint chocolate chocolate. Yeah. I'll take that live sherbert is not an ice cream. It's either one or the other science strike. Instead of eating ice cream..

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