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Doctor Janice Jackson says recognizing the need is important she received a grant as a young minority teacher there was something that you know propelled me into teaching but also committed me to teach for number of years and I'm still in a district twenty years later so I see a lot of promise and what's being proposed here today the hope is the fellas statewide teacher shortage with home grown candidates WGN sports here's Kevin pound billion already won an MVP now yes Superbowl champions add to his resume I had two goals and I became the starting quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs and the first goal was a window more high trophy I wanted to bring home the one that as our founders name name on I want to bring to this family in this organization and the second most important thing was to get country Superbowl trophy Patrick moms following the cheese win over the forty Niners my homes name the youngest Superbowl MVP ever chief will celebrate their first title in fifty years for the parade on Wednesday meanwhile here is forty nine as quarterback in Arlington Heights native Jimmy grapple after the game they make plays an RMA can now give them some credit you know it's just very good team right out of the game and you know they're the better team to the Superbowl lots of been released for next season she's the favorites at five to one forty Niners and ravens with the next best at eight to one the bears twenty five to one black box with a victory over Arizona Saturday night in a shoot out above is a Minnesota tomorrow night we'll have that game at six thirty balls off until Thursday and all of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats and white Sox baseball Kevin Powell WGN sports your money on WGN the Dow closed up one hundred forty three points today nasdaq up one twenty to the S. and P. five hundred up twenty three the volatility index of the C. B. O. we down a little over three quarters of a point crude oil center to forty nine dollars ninety eight cents down a dollar fifty eight corn down today we'd unchanged soybeans up.

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