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To you by star Reynolds preferred suppliers in the west contract now along with coach he hears the voice of the Huskies Tony Castricum head coach Chris Peterson because he's coming off of fifty one twenty seven when down in the desert congrats on the victory what what stood out to you after going over the tape about that game well a lot of things probably overall the second half you know that we start playing as a team it all faces second half really got offense back on but you know first and foremost probably our defense played early on you know in some turnover short fields containing Khalil Tate J. J. J. Taylor I mean those are really explosive geyser scary and really Kevin check it really kept you know Khalil maybe more and check for the whole game you know he may place is gonna make his plays he sees that type of player but that's probably jumps out to me the most yeah he did not look a hundred percent is wheels that's part of it but they're still very explicit in the passing game too and your your defense it's young it's given up a few explosive this year but but other than the one that was really kind of crossing route over the middle that they made a nice yard after cats run there there really weren't any explosives in this game well these explosives that offense is spread me out the athletes that they have you're right I mean there really wasn't they're going to get some I mean there's too many good players in this league for us you know blanket in pencil there's always going to be some explosives the other trick is Kenya regrouping slow down and not get a bunch of points of meat into the dental it's always about meanwhile your team had some nice explosives putting fifty one on the board had to feel good looking up there's a specially after being frustrated with your first half performance it's the most points are scored a conference game in three years ago to go back again a burglary at sixty six so good to see that big number on the board at the end of the day well we really did it in half you know that's that's was a little bit of the head scratching you know situation because you know we just had no rhythm in the first half but it was also for those kids to regroup and go on and play yeah I thought I thought who could Nicholas sparked this you know he made a play he does not fade ball and he goes and takes it away it was kind of liberal manner we go down the score and then you know that's how goes it kind of goes in and strong momentum pushes and see their momentum is a big thing in life you know regardless of the sports life whatever it's hard to swing it when it's going in one direction but once you do you can also get it on your side you even received a lot of questions in the media this week articles been written saying something clicked or something change after halftime what when I watched it I didn't see a big change in what we're doing I I saw a lot of the same plays a soul maybe some small details being executed a little bit better in in some key situations that made the difference that's what it is yeah it always is I mean it comes back always to coaching right I we never put this on the kids it's not it's how we coached how many reps we give all because you you put the tape on and every now and again the defense is good have you this I got that's not a good play against that that coverage or there's gonna be some of that because it's a cat and mouse game but for the meat of the game the majority you put the tape on and you say and yeah we have them if we do or supposed to do and so it's always that but again even or say in that that comes back to us as coaches to wrap that stuff over and over so they can execute those details and get some rhythm tool yeah and you are going up against a team is trying to impose their will as well right and then so that cat and mouse game that you're talking about comes down to trying to you know put your guys in position that it maybe maybe in ways that the other guys haven't seen on tape so far this year and there's a little of that you know it's a fine line between doing what you do and then adding some things and change a few things so you keep guys off balance a little bit but it always comes back to doing what you do I mean I think that's one of the things that our defenses done so well as we do we do but there's enough of the package there that you don't know exactly what we're gonna do you in to see the same things but you don't know when you're going to see him there will disguise things and the kids can really play fast and executed so you know we need it we have that continue throughout the whole program I thought one of those small details that made a big difference in the game was your down seventeen thirteen a half time you get the ball to start the second half the F. couple explosive place to move the ball but then you're facing third and three on their side of the field hand off to summer grew he is hit by two guys in the backfield yeah and he still finds a way to get through yards and set up fourth in one as opposed to fourth and five those are two different possibilities could be facing for the one fourth and five and it is that you have for TV snake and you know Sean grew at a pretty good game we really did he made some really nice because that couple explosive runs that was his most impressive play by people probably don't realize that the rated like why that's when your game but it was I mean he's not a big guy but he split those guys put his pads down fell forward and everything happened after that like you just explained yeah I think Damon and I admit that both saw and we said that might be the biggest two yard run last season right there you get a QB sneak for for yards after that on fourth and one and then you end up scoring on that drive and then the onslaught was on I mean the in the second half you had the ball seven times the a five touchdowns a field goal and a sixty seven yard punt I mean those are your hood does your possessions right right and so you got to make him you gotta make him kill right I mean that's he does a great job our defense again get another turn over give us and other possession but seven possessions in that half you know that that sounds pretty good when you have a little rhythm and you get the ball back and forth even get seven in the first half fourteen possessions is a lot of possession yeah that's probably a little bit more than you know were you somewhere on ten eleven on a big game you're get maybe fourteen usually doesn't happen like that and then you get on the stand for side of things really hold the balls can be last because actions and so the whole thing is read them and if they want to hold the ball you better make your your series count I also studying Arizona I didn't think that their defense was particularly deep especially up front and I wonder if part of the reason that maybe you had more success in the second half could have been you sort of wear them down a little yeah I mean I think there's always some of that you know I mean you see that in football cross you know the country that ill second half games change your guys start to get in more of a rhythm maybe guys some of this I get tired of war your guys just get more into a rhythm you know knowing how to fit blocks in the backseat in the first half it was just one of those things it was like you know a couple assignment airs really hurt is had a penalty or two and all that stuff just added up to we could get some rhythm going maybe a back doesn't see how cut the right way it's just all these little things add up it is like okay you're three and now it's your three and A. R. five an out your three and out and and so you've got to stay on the field to get rhythm that's weird little second half will have more with Tony and coach streets right after this Toyota and it has been an enthusiastic supporter of you do about flooding and.

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