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Directions between seventy-five and read Hartman highway east to seventy five heavy between Mineola pike through the construction over two seventy five I'm rob Williams News Radio seven hundred wwl w. Ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl. Tonight, scattered rain chance for storms. We do have a flash flood watch out until eight o'clock lows will be in the mid sixties overnight now for your Tuesday. It's mostly cloudy. We'll see rain and storms developed mostly in the afternoon. Highs in the low eighties for tomorrow night, rain early, and then clouds and mid sixties, again, looking ahead, more rain early on Thursday, and then we dry out and Friday looks pretty good. Partly cloudy around the Tri state from your severe weather station, nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh News Radio seven hundred wwl, w national weather service has just extended that flash flood watch until eight o'clock, Thursday night here in the tri-state, radar shows showers and Fairfield Lebanon Moro, east of Milford and also in the fort Thomas area. We have seventy eight degrees right now in Cincinnati Duke, Energy. Is going to be holding a public hearing tomorrow afternoon about plans to build new transmission lines and a couple of new substations, plus upgrade, another substation in Boone county, those lines will extend up to three miles long Duke wants input on possible routes. That hearing is tomorrow afternoon starting at four o'clock at Florence Christian church local school nurse. Admits her guilt and trying to have sex with a male student in a hotel room. 48-year-old Delina cleaver of Maine Ville, given two months in jail. The Warren county prosecutor says a sentence would have been longer had the kid not refused and asked to go home cleaver was a substitute nurse in the little Miami and kings local school districts, Indiana's attorney general hit with a lawsuit filed by four women accusing him of sexual harassment legislative assistant. Nikki dasilva says there are two main goals of this lawsuit asking for the state of Indiana. And the attorney general to be held accountable. We hope that this case will prevent future conduct as we believe no one should be should have to encounter. This type of situation you lead victims, including Representative Mara Candelaria, Reardon say that attorney general Curtis hill groped them at a bar last year hill.

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