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Thank you for calling. You're on Katie k Heyman. So I I just wanted to double check because during your conversation with you you said that he was like. What about being gay and against the bible, or whatever you you said. It's a thin everything. We we all have sins. That's it. I don't look at it anymore pass that it's not even a send to me. I don't even understand it enough to be able to say if it's a center not I grew up around. I wanted to kind of get you clarify on that. I mean, I'm not impure thoughts are impure thoughts our sins. Right. Well, I don't even I don't use a term sin because it puts a religious religious connotation to everything. I think everything we do at this point can be construed as a sin by someone else. Do I think being gay is no more than I think being straight sin because we're all we all fall short of the grace of God. Right. According to the book. If you and I both ball down the same flight of steps. It don't really matter. If you've felt down for a different reason than me if we're both at the bottom of the steps. I don't think of it anymore past that if we're going to talk specifically about alternative lifestyles. I got family members. I got ex roommates. I have dear friends that live the quote unquote alternative lifestyle. And I don't think any different of them. And never did. Then I did the non-alternative people. You're either a nice person or your horses ass who you're attracted to means. Nothing to me. Okay. All right. I understand. I probably said it wrong. It said. Oh, yeah. That's I think we all send. I think everything we all fall short, and they all count the same. At least according to how it was talking about the southern Baptist church. A Sean's a scene boy, I can hear it. How you live your life? Are you happy or the people around you happy with what you're doing right on? But to scream and yell about. On its surface. And that's that's kind of an important point on its surface. You're screaming about a chicken place. Sponsoring a kids running race. My advice would be look harder. There's stuff that is way more on the surface. The would offend me. And does offend me. Then that and if you force other people to think your opinions, the right opinion, all you're doing forcing them to be vindictive about whatever your opinion is. The minute. You make other people believe what you believe they're going to be really really really bitter about being forced to believe anything from all sides. And.

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