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Tomorrow as we pick up 1 to 3 inches of rain and storm team for meteorologist stimulate a Draper checking current temperature is 67 in Bailey's crossroads. We have 65 in East River Dale 65 here in Washington outside the W. T O P studios at 9 51. An Afghan man has been brought to the U. S to face charges in the 2008 gunpoint, kidnapping of a journalist for the New York Times as well as an Afghan journalist and a driver in Afghanistan. The charges against Haji Najibullah were in a six count indictment unsealed in Manhattan Federal court. He briefly appeared at the hearing conducted electronically because of the Corona virus, where a U. S. Magistrate judge ordered him detained after his court appointed lawyer, Marco Boner declined to seek bail. If he's convicted, he could face life in prison. The kidnapping victims were not identified by authorities. But the description matched the kidnapping of the journalist, David Road, who worked for the Times and an Afghan journalist, Tahir Ludin, as they were heading to interview a Taliban leader. Both made a dramatic escape from a Taliban controlled compound in Pakistan's tribal areas. More than seven months after their November 10th 2008 kidnapping. Their driver escaped a few weeks after road and lewd and did A registered sex offender has been arrested again, this time over a scam targeting Fairfax County High schoolers 33 year old Christopher Martini of Lorton is accused of accessing Snapchat accounts of students from South County in West Springfield High. And then threatening to expose the student's private video and images. He's being held without bond. On September, 24th Martini was placed on supervised probation in Loudon County after he pled guilty to using computers to solicit Children. In the new case. He's charged in Fairfax with using a computer to collect identifying information and computer trespass. Police say additional charges are pending. Dick Uliano w T. O P. News There's a new effort to take on challenges and identify Attune it ease when looking at transportation access in the black community. It's what the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation calls a failed legacy of transportation policies and infrastructure in the US, The report looked at several issues and found that 20% of black households don't have a vehicle. Another 24% use public transportation but make up only 12% of the U. S population. When it comes to safety. Black pedestrians are more likely to be hit than whites do the unsafe sidewalks in sign Injun black communities. The recommendations, less investment in police and a focus on free public transit, along with more access to shared mobility, like bikes and scooters. Overall, the goal is to identify policies that encourage equity and access Melissa how w. T O P. NIS, There is new evidence that masks prevent the spread of Corona virus. Vanderbilt University researchers studied hospital patients in Tennessee, they found hospitals in county Without mass requirements have the biggest jump in new cases up to 100% since July 1st. But in counties with mask requirements, hospitalizations were flat. The study notes that masks probably aren't the on ly reason for this places with mask requirements tend to have more residents who follow other precautions as well. It's 9 53 at MGM National Harbor. Hitting a jackpot feels even better than getting out of a traffic jam. And just like traffic. It happens all the time. Must be 21. Please play responsibly for help. Is that MD gambling helped out of work or 100 gambler. WeII made us a insurance for busy moms like Kate. She's a veteran, Maeda flexibility to balance work home and her hobbies from starting the work day, finishing her latest, do it yourself Project. So one another car accidentally bumped into her while she was running errands. Take didn't let a little fender Bender put a dent in her schedule with just a few taps on our USAA Mobile app. She filed her claim and was back on track. A insurance has made the way members like Kate needed. Easy and with savings that.

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