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We're still sifting through a lot of what we saw on Sunday. And really the news from the weekend. I'll tell you what maybe the biggest shocker for me was Dez Bryant tearing his achilles. In just a second practice with the saints. I was busy all day Friday. I was working my other job, I was with the Colombia women's basketball team. And so I hadn't paid any attention to what was happening. And when I started to get the tax and see the tweets I was blown away and genuinely disappointed four days and for the saints because I really did think that he was prepared to make the most of this second opportunity the second chance who knows if he's able to rebound from this or V wants to come. Come back and resume his career. But I was I was pretty disappointed and dejected for him. And then the other news to piggyback on what we did at the end of last week that it's becoming more and more likely that lady on bell foregoes the entire season that he's he's not going to play this year at all. And I I'm sure I'm positive that. What's happened with the Steelers and James Cotter has a lot to do with that. Because now for him to come back in no longer looks like he needs to be paid as a quarterback because someone has stepped in and filled in his spot pretty capably, pretty Abeille. So we'll see he still has until tomorrow Tuesday to report that's the deadline. The Steelers are now figuring out their options. Here's the major problem with him skipping the entire year. He doesn't get the credit for the year of service in the NFL, which as I've heard from some former players, you don't think about it when you're active, but when you. You're done. You realize how much that extra money in your 4._0._1._K? How much the extra year of benefits? It always dependent upon how much time you accrue in the NFL so your post playing career benefits there a product direct product of how much time you spend the league and he's foregoing entire season. Not just of the millions of dollars. He would have made. But also of the extra benefits post career that have to do with losing that year of service. And so he may decide he doesn't care any any wants to be a free agent except the Steelers are still going to control his rights. Maybe they want to part ways with them. Now. Maybe they do the trade market was relatively lukewarm before the deadline. And so it's a it's a different. It's a different atmosphere out there. Now Flavian bell returns this year or waits until the end of the year, but the Steelers are still in the driver's seat. And that's the major point to remember. So those are two big pieces of news from. The weekend in sports, and we'll wait to see how the lady on bell plays out through Tuesday. Also, just a couple of interesting notes from the the NBA, which we're not putting a whole lot of time on but still of course, caught her eye over the weekend the Jimmy Butler trade to Philadelphia should be final in the next couple of days. And we don't know Carmelo Anthony is out in Houston if they're allowing him to walk if if they're going to make this some type of. Mickle bowl mutual parting of ways that is the phrase that teams are is the phrase the corporations use when they're trying to make a change, and we didn't want to embarrass someone mellows not with the team, the the rockets swear that it's not a done deal, but that may play out in the next couple of days. And while we're speaking about mutual parting of ways Jason lockenfora is indicating that it's if the direction that the ravens John Harbaugh are headed that at the end of this season. It's not as though the owners to you embody is going to make a change in season. But that at the end of the season, they're likely going to part ways because it's an overhaul. It's a new era for the ravens and they want to start fresh with their general manager and Harbaugh can have a chance now to go and do something else. And it may be the end of Joe flacco to it for all intents and purposes, he's got the hip injury. According to lock in for and other sources they were more leaning towards starting Lamar Jackson, even if flacco wasn't injured. So you could see the writing on the wall and I compared to the colts..

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