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Good evening and it's great to have you with us here at a tuesday night and it is hard to believe but another nor'easter the fourth one is set to hit within just hours and it is major more than a foot of snow in some places and some of the power behind this system already bringing deadly tornadoes look at this they are bracing for another dangerous night at least eleven confirmed twisters already this one in fall phil alabama the outbreak destroying homes and buildings these pictures from jacksonville alabama and just look at this nor'easter forming and moving in already tonight winter storm warnings from dc to philly from new york to boston and as i mentioned schools already shut down here in new york city let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano leading us off tonight with the new track rob good evening get any david this is a large and complex system so i want to get right to take a look at this we still have a severe threat across parts of florida and two areas of winter weather this evening already across the northeast and that one in the midwest it's all going to combine here over the next twenty four hours so here we go sleet has been falling with snow in philadelphia already dc you're going to see it by tomorrow morning miserable morning rush and then the lows combined into a full blown nor'easter by the time midday and the late day commute rolls around wind sleet snow and that continues through thursday morning for eastern new england here's what we think for snow totals forty eight in boston six to ten in new york city of foot possibly better than that and philly four to eight inches way now the cherry blossom trees in dc and the outskirts we'll see more than that i think again we're gonna see tree damage and power outages with this system but unlike the last one the roads will likely be worse this time around david we'll be tracking it through the morning on gma rob thank you we turn now to the school shooting in maryland a seventeen year old student with a semi automatic handgun walking in and opening fire students rushed to the hospital heavily armed teams outside the building on lockdown frightened students huddling under their desks anxious parents rushing to take their children home abc's kenneth moten from maryland tonight.

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