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This is Matt Bigler talking to a survivor of the Columbine high school shooting as we approach the twentieth anniversary of the tragedy. Some of the memories are really, really vivid. Forty five. We update sports. Here's Bruce McGowan this update with hockey Toronto. Police have just one victory away from winning a Stanley Cup playoff round for the first time since two thousand four Austin Matthews. Kaz berry company and each scored third period goals as they may believes hell off the Bruins two to one Toronto leads that series now three games the to Colorado bashed Calgary five to one avalanche. Eliminate the flames in five games shorts. Meanwhile are back in action Sunday in Vegas. They need a win to force a seventh game coach Peter divorce says having a couple days off between games five and six could be a big help for his club. Yeah. It is in all we've got to use it. We've got to use it to get rest to get guys healthy, but also prepare in. Oh, I think we're going to have to find another level in our game. Obviously to win the game six in there. That's what the two days have to be used for to another big game involving a bay area. Team Sunday in the postseason has the warriors going up against the clippers in LA game four their series. And the warriors will try to take it three games to one lead. Unrig dollar was big. Off the bench in Thursday's one-sided win with fourteen points. Steve Kerr loves being able to depend on this thirty five year old great, credibly smart. He's smart players. I've ever been around at both ends that's one of the reasons he fits our team. So well, we've got weapons everywhere or good defensive team. And he's in the middle of all of that at both is but he helps his teammates. He makes everybody around him better because of his awareness in his knowledge to joy to watch hundred. Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook big night in Oklahoma city's one Twenty-one away victory over Portland. He had thirty three points at eleven assists. The thunder now trail in that series two games to one PASCAL, thirty points, eleven rebounds. Toronto now in front of Orlando, two games to one after winning ninety eight to ninety three and Jalen Brown. The former Cal Beerwah Twenty-three. Kyrie Irving edit nineteen Boston now up three games on Indiana one. Oh, four ninety six the final baseball giant Phillip Pittsburgh four to one medicine. Bumgarner ding for four runs in the first inning. Aaron Brooks also gave up four runs early in the second inning at Toronto Oakland fell to the. Blue Jays five to one sports fifteen and Forty-five news one zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. There's.

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