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To you Drake the rapper turns thirty three years old today news is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman Turkey's president says if Russia and the U. S. don't keep their promises regarding Syria Turkey's military operation could resume and peers Peter Kenyon reports a ceasefire in northeastern Syria appears to be holding president Recep Tayyip erdo on is met with vice president Mike pence and Russian leader Vladimir Putin he says Andrea will be watching closely to see that both countries honor their commitments everyone says Putin pledged that Russia would move Syrian Kurdish fighters Turkey views as terrorists away from the border there are signs the Kurdish YPG fighters are unwilling to move as far off the border is Turkey would like president Donald Trump announced the lifting of American sanctions on Turkey that have been imposed just nine days ago taking credit for the ceasefire in saying countries in the region need to take more responsibility for security there Peter Kenyon NPR news it's double the late Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings will lie in state today at the US capitol and peers Bracton book reports they'll be a private ceremony this morning followed by a public viewing the private ceremony honoring Elijah Cummings will take place in the U. S. capitol's statuary hall it will be followed by viewing open to the public Cummings died last week at sixty eight after longstanding health issues the Maryland Democrat chair of the powerful house oversight and reform committee and is remembered as a champion for his majority black congressional district and a leading critic of trump policies including separation of families along the border farewell ceremonies for Cummings began Wednesday including one at Morgan state university a historically black college in Baltimore part of the district he represented for more than twenty years funeral services are set for Friday morning in Baltimore Brecht Booker if your news Washington the house won't hold hearings today in the impeachment inquiry because of the memorial for congressman Cummings on Wednesday testimony from one witness in the inquiry was delayed for nearly five hours that's because a group of Republican lawmakers barged into the secure room where witnesses are being questioned they want the questioning to be made public the National Weather Service has issued a high wind warnings for much of northern California creating extreme fire weather threats California utilities are shutting off power to hundreds of thousands of customers so power lines won't blow down and start wildfires this is drawing criticism James gore is the cinema county California executive he says people want to know who is losing power and why the irony is that as I talk to you right now my brother who lives across the street from me doesn't have power and I do people just a block down for me some of the most lost her power entirely and others three miles away do have power so one of the things that everyone is asking is how does this work meanwhile the cinema county sheriff's department says a wildfire burning there has scorched more than ten square miles and is growing fast none of it is contained this is NPR Japan and South Korea have pledged to try to repair their relations these have been dont over disputes over history trade and security and piers Anthony kun reports from Seoul that the two sides held their highest level meeting so far this year in Tokyo prime minister Enoch young and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Ave agreed that the two neighbors could not allow problems to keep on festering and they need to coordinate policies toward the US and North Korea he brought on by a letter from president moon jae in in which he hopes for an early resolution of the disputes and piers Anthony kun reporting the Washington nationals have taken a two games to none lead in the World Series Daschle lacked the Houston Astros last night twelve to three to win game two with the fall classic Washington nationals starting and winning pitcher Stephen Strasburg credits gnats catcher Kurt Suzuki for hitting a home run that broke at two two tie offense kind of came out and scored a lot around so you know but I think the big one was music there in the seventh kind of give us that that lead and then everything started to you know get a lot better after that the series now shifts to Washington DC for game three that's tomorrow night the nats are seeking their first World Series title the European Union has awarded its top human rights prize to an economist who has spoken out against China's treatment of its weaker minorities economist ill I'm totally has won the Sakharov prize the European Parliament is now calling on China to release today he was sentenced to life in prison in China in twenty fourteen I'm korva Coleman NPR news in Washington support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include I drive maker of remote PC providing real time remote access to computers anywhere and featuring remote PC vision an augmented reality support tool learn more at remote PC dot com this is morning edition on KCRW ahead on morning edition hundreds of hospitals have begun suing opioid manufacturers seeking to recover the cost of treating addiction and overdoses I think the more hospitals we have the better off we are you know there's always a safety in mass and many of these hospitals are dealing with some level of financial distress that story coming up on morning edition here on KCRW today on press plate why breast cancer is one of the most talked about.

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