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Last week. The thing I love the most, I don't have McCarthy. He has to sit this one out. Little Ewing theory with McCarthy. He's talking about that with someone today. And I'm like, everyone thinks that's a negative. Yeah, reassurance, negative. What happens if so Dallas coming off a loss what you gotta like if they do this? I got at Washington at the Giants home Washington home zone at Philly. Three weeks from now to be like, Dallas, wow, why not them? Why can't they win? Three weeks ago, Bill. If you looked at the Raiders at home, I get it. We're throwing them in at seas. We're actually throwing them in tutsis. The first one we are going to tease. Our Friends who've heard our feelings a couple of times, but have also won us a lot of money. The Minnesota Vikings. I love you. How could you choose? I mean, they really have ripped our hearts out. 5 different times. Yeah. You know what? I can't quit them. I can't quit them. They're 7 point favorites against the Detroit Lions. Minnesota's tenth in dva this year. Dva is like, is that team 8 and three? What's the record? They must be winning their division, right? They just say, no, you have to actually have to watch. Detroit is 31st at DVA. They're 30th offensively in 28th defensively. You could argue they have the worst coach too. I mean, the stuff that he did on Thanksgiving and that some of the coaches and they called back to back timeouts, they're complete best, Goff is a disaster. They don't have Deandre swift anymore. I think the ship has sailed for them to win a game. And I just can't resist. I think this is where Minnesota, this is where it actually becomes more frustrating with them where you don't have that. They could have been with no where you don't bet on them in a week because they burned you the last week and then they win and you're like, oh, now I basically lost again because they scared me off but I'm not scared Peter schrager. Okay, come on. On that scared. We're gonna do a Dallas Minnesota 6 pointees. Many to one. T's Dallas to pick them. And who's beating me? Taysom.

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