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After seeing this Google dapa return on. vk. Three cents on Wikipedia us like okay good. Luck you. Your text if you start telling me stuff like that overtaxed. If you WanNa facetime while you read MC blood some reason into that. Anyway Yeah I. I'm not even criticizing it. I think it's awesome that she's making a movie like this. I think those movies need more great filmmakers they need more filmmakers that are not waco is there's tons of great stuff about. I'm pretty good at being able to visualize what's coming down the pike in the world and movies. I've got enough experience with this one I'm like I don't know what the fuck they're going to do. I have no idea what to expect from her when it comes to like this and I guess that's ultimately exciting and I'm happy about it You know I was reading Gregory Elwood's kind of Oscars, analysis of the festival season so far in the playlist and he pointed out that we've really only seen two movies and you and I specifically of seen both of these movies that I think are probably likely to qualify the way that the Joe Rabbits and jokers, and once upon a time and parasites did last year, and that's this movie nomad land and minority, which we talked about a bit after Sundance and does not have a release date that's eight, hundred, four movie. Also. Film not made by a white. Guy And I, I can't wait for that movie to come because I can't wait to talk about it again. See it again and talk to other people in the world about it because I was so moved by that one too. At but that's it, and these are two really small films. There about very small experiences really about money and poverty and representation to some extent and the immigrant experience to some extent and the the kind of. transient nature of American Life. You know that's really what both of those movies share is how you have to move to get what you want to stay safe and I wonder if we're GONNA have a slate of best picture nominees this year that are more representative of what's on right. Now of the way, the people are struggling of the ongoing conversations we've been having nationally of this political moment given the we have an election just around the corner here. I think there's a chance that we see seven or eight films that feel very of this time as opposed to. Four versus Ferrari only, I, liked a lot but that is essentially an exercise in engineering and kind of nostalgic emotionalism that doesn't necessarily have all that much to do with the president other than being metaphor for moviemaking. So do you think your that we're going to have that from the academy? I think it's entirely possible. Implausible if only because like this time capital T. Capital T. D.'s encapsulates everything at this point like there there are just so many fronts. On which we reckoning with what it means here in America to be an American. nomad land is certainly about and Monari is also very much about and at what it means to be humans what it means to live on this planet what it means to how we relate to institutions, how we relate to each other. It's just kind of we're all. At home on our zooms, talking about it all of the time and so I think. I I think good art almost always reflects its moment or a larger moment in some way, but there is a lot to reflect. Right, now I there always has been, but we're we're reflecting it all at once. How about that? I agree with you. We'll have to wait and see what else we got a chance to see before we continue Listrik award from our sponsor. 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I gotta say I'm Kinda shocked I feel like we already have a category that's rounding into shape because while everything in the Oscar world seems totally unsettled I. Don't know when a lot of these movies are gonNA come out that we've been discussing. Best. Actress has three serious contenders in three films that we've already talked about here. Do you feel like I'm getting ahead of myself by suggesting that? No because the actor and actress categories always start with the festivals and it's people saying, yes hello I would like an Oscar and so now I will give you my extended campaign about how I was wrong to work with Woody Allen that Kate winslet just in case you were wondering and. And I, I will give all the interviews I will accept your tribute awards. I am willing to campaign and these roles get identified like these. These people get identified pretty quickly especially. Actresses. Because candidly, there aren't as many movies made with these big star making female performances to they're usually a bit easier to pick out now that actually may be different this year and it might just be that we've seen the first three I and there there are more to come. But no, this is this is typically how we talk about these conversations and even last year it was like I think Renee Zellweger had been like I will be winning the award for best actress at telluride. That felt like the coronation for six years and that, and that was it and then you and I spent an entire season being like, would we like to just have a conversation about some other things? So maybe you and I could just have a conversation about other things. Yeah. We mentioned Vanessa Kirby, she won best actress at. At the Venice Film Festival. Fearing another film that I don't think either of US got a chance to see because it was playing Venice but I'm interested to see. Mona fast volts the world to come and got great marks for that film to. Occur. Kirby we probably talked about a couple times in the show absolute fucking icon star mission impossible fall out in the crown two of our favorite things. Just a star and just like absolute instant presence just put a camera honor and let her cook. Yeah, she's luminous I think pieces of women in particular I think shows her doing something new to at least that I haven't seen from her before in terms of the rawness the mcgarity of the story the the intimate nature really of that movie and she's already getting obviously a lot of acclaim and it. Does have a little bit of the feel of that Renee Zellweger that you're talking about she doesn't have the same kind of track record and she's not a previous winner like Renee Zellweger was but. I. Know. Sometimes in these things, there's like A. D inevitability appears more quickly than you might imagine and. At, least early in the conversation around this category, they're just appear to be some inevitability at least around her being nominated, and now she has netflix's behind her which you know they're good at this. They know how to get people recognized for their work. So I expect to see her you mentioned Kate winslet very curious to see how amanite rolls out supposed to open in theaters in. November and it's gotten some very, very strong reviews and some not. So strong reviews some fairly visible mainstream critics. Kind of. Felt distanced by the distance. So whether or not she competes we'll see I mean she's obviously. Not. Only one of the great actors of our time, but also one of the most recognized actors of our time she's been nominated a lot. So can't ever count her out. And then for instance, mcdormand and Frances mcdormand is is an interesting case because. Only one woman in the history of the Oscars. Has Ever won three best actress statuettes.

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