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President has to raise is russia's interference in the election in 2016 he asked you both to put down a marker with russia and with vladimir putin who according to the american intelligence community authorized that interference that that's not acceptable conduct if he comes back and he's not raise that issue my guess is he's going to face a significant amount of criticism at home how would that go how do you imagine that conversation landing with vladimir putin it would not be the kind of conversation were you expect putin say okay will not do it again the basic what would be to say this is not acceptable if you continue this or do this in the future there will be severe consequences and you expected president putin's going to night but you put down the marker an opening up an example i worked with the president clinton on the national security council back in the 1990s and one issue that president clinton did not like raise with president yeltsin was the behavior of russian security forces in chechnya when there was a conflict going on there and it was never going to be production conversation but we said mr president you first of all to put that marker down with gyaltsen that were concerned but second it's also going to be important that mike mccurry your spokesman goes out and says yes the president raised it in this case when mr trump meets with mr putin he needs to put the market down with the russians but he also has to have these press people beeld said he raised the question otherwise it's going to be i think a very unhappy homecoming gordon as you said us relations have not been great for some time i mean do you think donald trump has an opportunity here to establish a more constructive relationship with his counterpart than his predecessors there is that possibility but i think it's going to take a step by step also us and a lot of hard diplomatic work i would be very wary if there's any big deal announced on friday because it's hard to see what the sides could work out in just a narrow aren't half of discussions and this.

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