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This is a this. Maybe was a government phone. This was done on. So, you know, it's okay. And look we released it, but not sure that we need to be relying on people involved in tech. Streams screen shotting. Their their own words, share them down the road on a controversial story. Right. Anyone else? Look at the washed up celebrity washed up celeb- taxed and think that's a little strange like what what was she trying to do there. Obviously, he's he isn't at that time. He was a hit show. He's about to star on Broadway. Was she tried to downplay who he is. Yes, she was trying to make it seem an advocacy role. Isn't it that's taking an advocacy Ryan salting him? And this I was to take an advocacy role for him because I was telling him. No, you weren't you're protecting him. Why would she protecting him? What was at stake for her? If she didn't protect him. I want to know an answer to that. And I'm sure that the attorney registration disciplinary committe. Committee committee, whoever the hell they are. They I'm sure they would also have to ask that question. Was there something in it for her to help guide this thing to that kind of a conclusion, I know that she states at this political philosophy that there are bigger fish to fry and non violent criminals, we don't have time for that. We have limited resources. Well, let me tell you something this Chicago police department has limited resources, and because of a heater nature of this case. They spent endless man hours personnel hours. Tracking this thing down improving this guy hoax thing up, and it gets to run around the country run around the world telling people the Chicago police did did me dirt there. They lied about me. And now here I am to tell you. I'm completely innocent. And they proved it because thank God Kim, FOX up for me that I'm completely innocent. And that's what he gets to do. And maybe she gets to become an agent at. I don't think she's going to end up at our Emmanuel's place. But she'll end up somewhere. UTA is hiring go out there. Coby an agent MS FOX going joy the rest of your civilian life. You do not do not enjoy the support or the trust of the people underneath you. Or the people of Cook County get out. Thank you. Just got the weather coming up. Oh my God. I'm just impressed. You said personnel instead of man hours. That was really come a long way. Really a long way. I gotta come. All righty. Kills in. You want to do? I'll do it. Mayor Emanuel s today at Cook County state's attorney Kim FOX's resign after a document dump revealed. She was text messaging co workers about the Jesse smell like case. Even though she recused herself. I don't think she should resign. But I do think we need to report that.

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