Omaha World Herald, Oscar, Black Friday discussed on TJ's House Party


Feb james you're listening to the data zone so i'm looking at the omaha world herald this morning you know coming to the radio station there was nothing in the i mean there was like not one story other than black friday stories that was it i mean it was like you terrorists killed all mass of people we talking about that i don't want to talk about how we have to talk about that i don't want to but we have to but i'm looking at the go to the front pages all it's it's it's the corner oscar stink and then it's black friday and it's like 14 stories about black friday but boy do i need bribe friday because oh man it just brings out so many wonderful stories it's just so entertaining match the peruvians destroy themselves they just repeat shut some guys ramnarine wrote what did he to say what does that was a plea well it's you know this is what i love about black friday it's the day when socialists and tifa and black lives matter activist cast ideology their guy false masks and traditional african garb to show even have an unhealthy addiction to corporatism in the free market i was working on that when all morning as nice twenty you don't see it's funny because you'll see arche democrats or occupy wall street or occupy whatever they occupy doing any marching a protests some black friday occupy walmart's aisles yeah instead why you still my punchline day i said of your worked on these all morning oh no instead you see them occupying log winds foot traffic and small retail spaces literally fighting each other to save forty dollars on a television set i mean vitamin d to god but that's all right that's why i love you man that's why that's why you're my favorite producer because you because work because we're back right there man were together on this but seriously i mean we're was the where was the marching where's the protests were where's my where's my ideological socialists man we need you this is like a one time of the year were i could get on your train and say let's fight the system stopped paying them all your money i mean it's just insane listener these listen these statistics i pulled from the daily mail.

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