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Am I driving on a Florida highway back towards Orlando international airport at eleven forty two on a Thursday night, instead of being with my wife and believe me if you guys knew that we was having that, that would not be the. Schloss thing for me to be doing? No, because I absolutely love this. One of the reasons I love it is. Thinking thinking, you know what's best sometimes being right sometimes being wrong. I certainly don't know which that is, which is the case right now with Bailey. I still op- towards thinking this just got completely messed up. That's my assumption is this just got completely messed up. But it puts us in a place where maybe it ends up working out and I will say, I like that they're now like more uniform attacked Sasha and Bailey do appear to kind of behave like an actual tag team and have a look or a t shirt yet. Although they alluded to that in the show this past week, but. They just seem to be an actual tactic, which is a fun idea. And again, are we gonna get a women's tag division is after what I saw to me unclassified night after the division that exists on an XT after the division that ends exists on the Ron smackdown. I don't know if you could work. I don't know where you have room for women's to acting division and anything will maybe they'll be all women show. And you're gonna joking what I'm saying this, but I'm not being dead serious, but at the same time, as we learned in Brown versus the board of education nineteen fifty four. You know where I'm going. I don't even need s jeez, lawyers, heels. This one separate is inherently unequal. So while I love the idea of getting to see all the women perform. Can you really have a separate show for all women? Why? Why would there be a separate show. Well feature. Those women is a tough line for the same time. We're doing. Individual paper view evolution over twenty. And we're all very excited about that..

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