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We talked about the NFL coming up this weekend to me it is the best weekend or best day in sports all year long. I've never thought about it like that. But I am going to agree. Five hundred percent for me. It's not derby. It's not the UK. You Bill game. It is it is coffers championship for the NFL. And it's better than the Super Bowl. Because a lot of times the Super Bowl is lame knowing you're right, both games AFC championship and NFC championship. Are usually the best of the best of the games all year. So Kansas City thrashed. The colts this past weekend. Right. Yes. So this the first game will be Rams and saints on Sunday at three o'clock Rams and saints who you got. That is a debt to me. Those are the man. Teams. These four teams are legit. Of course. Patriots pats in the chiefs, man, let me tell you, and they have you seen the weather for the second game Sates games indoors. So it's the whatever Silverdome or whatever they Mercedes Sadie zanies. The Rams had saints could be fifty four to fifty two that could be the scrub gore. But in the snow at Kansas City, the patriots on the road, man, I'm telling you. So the kickoff is three o'clock for ram saints. Second game starts at seven o'clock. After I go and get you some fitted shirts at the mall is that what we're wondering. No, no, no award. We might have to push this off because they're supposed to be snow and all this other bidder. We'll go out on Dr king day Monday. Okay. Well, enjoy football. Yeah. We're all set day. But I will I'll tell you. I bought my first fitted shirt from a store because I tried it on and nobody was with me. So I was looking at it in the hallway the dresser. And the guy comes by. And I go, hey, this is too tight. He was like, no it's perfect. And I go, I don't know. I think I need that's next size up. He goes to what sizes that and I go, it's a large. I think I need an XL, and he goes, no. And he went and got all of the excels off the rack. I could not buy them. You know, listen, though looks perfect on you. And that's the one you're going to buy. And I was like okay now, let's go shop. I I'm underwear. So he literally, I wait. I was starting to go towards the rack, and he went over and grabbed all the cells with one hand pulled him off and said, Nope. No. You're not going to be able to buy them. That's the one you're buying. And I was like all right. And the next rack I'm going to grab as your. Well, see, I didn't know there was a difference between fitted and slim fit. I thought it was the same thing. So I'll try it. Yes. Believe it or not in two thousand nineteen. The look is for women bushy, eyebrows pushy, something else, bushy eyebrows. That would be awful to. But. No, I wouldn't. Yes. It would. Some of us encouraged remember the eighties member who was the Kathy Ireland. Remember, Cathy, our big Bush. Chick the guts what's the name of the movie they get stranded on blue lagoon? Oh, she was hurt. Oh shields. Brooke Shields bushy. That's coming back Andy Rooney. He had the Bush. Yeah. Well, it's sparky Anderson. It's more for women for women. What I'll say is sparky Anderson about how do you go from that little line or the whatever to the bushy? I just I can't won't be able to take it. What's the deal with the painting them on all the way, they take like a magic marker? That's just stupid. And then you go to the Bank, and you gotta talk to him and try not to look at it. You know what I'm saying? You may still have an opportunity to overpay for appliances in law. More Sears is staying afloat. Yes. The hundred and twenty six year old retailer may is making a deal to stay open. Chairman Eddie Lampert has reportedly prevailed in a bankruptcy auction where they're just still hold on. Look, they have fifty thousand employees, and I pray for them because people need jobs, and and you don't want that. I mean think about that hit putting fifty thousand people out on the street. So I'm I'm praying for them, but Sears is antiquated. It is I I I liked I used to like going there. And then all of a sudden it became well. If you want to pay double for refrigerator, go to Sears, if you wanna pay double for a long more go to Sears. No, I'm with you. So I did I did like the craftsman tools because they would have a lifetime guarantee. Yeah. But they were cheaper than snap on. Oh, yeah. Youtube is banning dangerous pranks and challenges. It's in response to the bird box challenge. The tide pods challenge the cinnamon challenge. Remember, the cinnamon challenge with these idiots would take a. Cinnamon. Yeah. And tried to speak while it's in your mouth, the only I think the only challenge that we had growing up allegedly would be to use a marijuana cigarette. And then after he used however, use it a marijuana cigarette. You waited awhile. And then you take a big teaspoon of peanut butter. And they said that you would have something called a cotton mouth. I can't remember I don't know what you speak. I just read this. I'm not familiar with. I'm just going through the atlas. So here's the deal. They are banning these pranks and challenges if you violate the ban you'll it's like the Facebook police they are going to go after you and remove and limit your your use for ninety days. If you're a youtuber man, that's that's a big deal because a lot of these people that's how they make their money. And by the way, they're making a damn good living doing it. But I think the price of kinda fallen off anyway, having no we just had the bird box challenge. This is one of the reasons the idiot teenager that blindfolded herself crashed the car, please prosecute whoever that was he or she to the fullest seventeen. I don't care if dumb enough to blindfold herself and drive the car. It's not her fault. Eighty four silver focus. She's an idiot. You know, put her in jail. He's going to have enough problems. She's gonna have enough problems. Okay. Forego. The what if she would have hit one of your children? Would you still say? Well, let's she didn't hit a child. She didn't hit a child but chances compassionate with. No. Wouldn't you do something that stupid what I'm telling you? She's got her own problems jails now going to help. But let me tell you. I watch the bird box and no zero time do they get in a car and blindfold theirself. They did paint the windows up. And then they they drove using GPS at like one mile an hour. Because if you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Is it worked, and then they put their blindfolds on and got out and went to the grocery store, whatever. But when it goes stores open. No. But one of the guys that they are stranded with worked at a grocery store, and they run out of food because if you go outside you'll see whatever this demon thing is and you kill yourself. If it goes down there wasn't a bad. If it goes down. I'm if we have two vehicles in the driveway. Here's what we're doing. Okay. I live pretty close to a Kroger. Young roll into the back of Kroger up. And I'm jumping out of the truck at fifty miles an hour, Raymond to the back of the wall. The wall goes down Jackie and the kids in the minivan right behind me. They role in grab the big cans everything loaded up out back gone. That is a good idea. Okay. In theory. Okay. What you need to do. Is you need to go to SAM's because SAM's has like the talents. Yeah. But you got to create your own exit entry and exit a good point knock and be able to go through the front the front door. They're going to have armed guards. And it's gonna be crazy. Plus, it'll be a bunch of people. You got to make your own entrance in the back. Okay. Well, here's my plan. I'm gonna drive my pickup empty out everything in the back. So I got plenty of room to drive down to bear knows pizza and pick up as many, mama. Bear knows why. Because it's it's almost favorite pizza baby. Put some pride in your pizza. What kind of pizza you eat and one of these chain deals that don't even give a damn about the city lacquer or are you eating Louisville pizza the pizza that constantly gives back to the city of Louisville. Not to.

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