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Win that game that's how you know criticize anybody first of all might have been goaltending doesn't matter but there wasn't cold but victory will start you move a little bit later and make sure there's no time left on the clock the game was tied what is he doing now i agree that but nate mcmillan to defensively with three seconds to go how is lebron james and single coverage no one else let someone else beat you please let kevin love i can't hit it right now the fact that lebron james is at the top of the key opening up to get the inbounds pass and then he is single coverage where he can pull up for three pointer how often is lebron james get blocked when he puts pulls up for a three point of very rarely how is there not to people on the brian james in that situation the one guy that you don't want beaten you is lebron james for nate mcmillan he's got explain something here he's got to explain what his defensive philosophy was in the final three seconds of that game because that to me is absolutely a head scratcher you're right look victor oladipo he made his move to seconds too early he did no question about it maybe you don't even have to worry about that last possession for the cavs if victor depot does the right thing and make sure there's no time left on the clock yeah matter i mean come on what does he do he's a veteran ballplayer should never you should know better than that do that the only way you do that sean is if you know cleveland has no timeouts it's the only way you can do that but because cleveland had a time out they could call a timeout they can inbounds the ball obviously on the other side of the floor and that helps if there's no time out they get the rebound yeah the chance then driving down the court and scoring a much slimmer than them actually being able to set up a play and actually get an inbounds pass right there and there's own but the cavs if so many issues defensively.

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