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The attack them. A car report concluded that sajjan beverage was lying and had planted to hannah himself. According to assistant chief constable mci the corrupt actions of investigating offices were intended to pin the crime on twelve year old. Dennis hagot sections of the report were not released to journalists russell finley days included portions dealing with a criminal probe against the officers involved in the original investigation. Only a few received any disciplinary action to cases second-in-command. Detective inspector john bunyan was suspended in august of nineteen ninety eight. Hey faced five charges including two counts of discreditable conduct and three charges of neglect of judy. The leda three charges would draw top. After a lengthy disciplinary hearing inspected bunion was only two guilty of the to lesser offenses of discreditable conduct. Detectives rub beverage the officer. Who planted the hannah in. The habits kitchen was transferred out of the criminal investigation department as was another sajjan. The cases full laid investigator. Detective superintendent jim. Winning avoided disciplined by retiring from the force aged in his forties with cited health reasons. He's early departure. Central scotland police attempted to block his retirement. But were unsuccessful. Larry hagit voice tease families disappointment telling the press. We have been fighting to get a bit of justice for our family for years. I just feel we haven't got it there. Is somebody answerable to the way we were traded. And as far as i'm concerned nobody has come up with the answer yet in two thousand three. Brian baby lost an appeal against his conviction. He was denied. Parole in two thousand twelve. Andrew remains incarcerated as if the release of this episode in october. Two thousand fifteen. One of babies nephews came forward to accuse his uncle of molesting him markle. Not he's real name told the sun that beatty started abusing him in nineteen ninety four. When michael was thirteen years old he would serve markle alcoholic beverages known as alcopops then rypien markle told the sun quote it was so traumatic blocked it out. It was horrific. There were hundreds of incidents verse spell of threes. All would regularly wake up some days with no clothes on and him lying next to me. There were times where ought be upstairs doing my homework and he just come into my room and start doing stuff to me. Markle was scared that if he fought back baby might start abusing his brothers. Instead after lawrence was murdered in march nineteen ninety six beatty took markle for a walk past the haggard house. He told his nephew that hey had killed lawrence and diffa michael ever told anyone then he would kill him as well. According to michael bady threatened. He's law on multiple occasions. He once held a rise out. Markle's throat another time. He claimed to have a gun hidden under a bridge that he would use to kill him off. The baby was convicted for murder. He sent markle aleta in it. He said he had a naked photos of markle. Hey blackmailed markle into staying silent but threatening to release the images. He's friends and family. Michael became a royal logistics corps soldier but struggled with post traumatic stress disorder anxiety and maintaining employment as a consequence of the abuse. He's personal relationships. Also suffered he told the sun. Hey his turned me into a nervous person of made bad decisions and away my family. My worry is now that he gets off. Think he'll try and kill me. I'm trying to move on with my life but it's so difficult..

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