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And go traffic choppy boat, rides remind you of your motion sickness if so you may qualify for clinical study testing an investigational medication for the treatment of motion sickness qualified participants will receive study related care at no charge. Call one eight four four four four one four four nine one or visit my motion study dot com for information on how to participate sponsored by Vanda pharmaceuticals AARP remind you that tonight when you tell your grandbabies a bedtime story. Don't tell them a fairytale past the stories on about real African American heroes from a man who started a movement with a dream to a woman who helped put astronauts into space. We celebrate black history month by celebrating the real possibilities. Learn more about your dreams and possibilities at AARP dot org forward slash Los Angeles. Yeah. I don't know about you. But I am not used to all this rain. Southern Kelly man, it's February. And that can only mean one thing what y'all have just incredible liftoff. And I gotta tell you the president's day. Chevy drive is back to southern California seventy dealers right now, courage, GM owners can get a total value of ten thousand two hundred and fifty dollars on a twenty eight eighteen Silverado fifteen hundred crew cab LT all-star when you combined cash allowance loyalty cash price reduction below MS RPM with option package value and finance with GM financial. And let me tell you. There's no better way than visiting your so Cal Chevy dealers who will get you into a new car or truck at the best price. If you're looking for a new SUV, then you so Cal Chevy dealers. Got what you want with a new equinoxes right now currency owners, get thirty five hundred total cash allowance on the twenty nine thousand nine Chevy equinox. When you finance with GM financial or qualified buyers. Get zero percents financing for sixty months hits so cow Chevy dot com right now and call eight four four fifty five Chevy for vehicle and offer details. When you talk read and sing with your child. Starting the moment, they're born you change, everything you, strengthen their brains. You give them self confidence. They learn words, and.

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