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Can't support it. I don't want a black on and making a whole lot of money off of the sickness that is affecting black move even if it works mark even if it works and they can help people were mouthpieces rather not having. I don't WanNa die. Make a back thing if it works. Let's go is not a vaccine is a medicine you can take or like a cold medicine So you don't even WanNa problems with black entrepreneurs you. I don't even listen when they tell. Y'All matters Star Yard is great. I don't need no details. I'm going don't he know details. You still need to be in house unit this drug. This can be no details. So I'm just you know they pop pills then. This is a cure this house to me. More like a remedy. That's a cold medicine okay. So they won't save you the killer. Okay Not GonNa tell you that they gonNA serve this year. Okay so I don't think so. Black woman pocket. He was going to be bigger at the black experience. And I'm six black capitalist. Let let let's go because what the fuck we got now. Nothing and I rather just stay in the house. That's what we've got now they in the house okay I think we all just outside making more money than you. Now listen she not GonNa Join Big Pharma. Okay I'm not going to be looking. At the people the white people in opioid family and how they get money. Seo black-faced next to it not in my American people came to stay broke import no even when they can do stuff like save lives. And I'm sorry but I can't agree with a can I one hundred percent we make your money. We'll is working kyw. Wes Castles appearance on Joel. Osteen's Easter Sunday. Cyrus Safety Concerns. Wow scattered around to. I guess so one time I actually guys I gotta hold it goes by real money go This is your talk about Kim. I hope somebody from the fan was like don't you do that His one hundred plus member choir had plans to wear face masks. Take appropriate social distancing positions but kai decided that even with the precautions in place. It didn't feel safe enough for the choir members that were involved right. I appreciate him coming to his senses on. That definitely would have been would not want to see that especially especially in my opinion. I'm not a scientist guys. But it seemed like the distance shit would be different when Nigga singing that that and is similar to what Janine said. You're going to perform which means people are going to be breathing in your direction. Yeah well yeah but it's also more than six feet singing. Yeah and then also like you know what it's not gonna be fans and stuff in their sound like it was just going to be like virtual performance right. This is okay not to do this. You know what I mean so you know I guess you say I ain't that crazy. Fuck that come on so. I guess that's kind of good news. That is Pollution drought started. Percent in north Northeast USAMAC around arrives restrictions. Good people can breathe. Yeah apparently Temporarily until we get there if they inside the Casino Okay. Not as much as you can see through their Apple and Google Bring Kobi nineteen contact. Tracing the three billion people Your Apple Inc and Google unveiled a rare partnership to add technology to their smartphone platforms. That will alert us as they come into. Contact with the person with cove in nineteen people must opt into the system but as a potential monetary about a third of the world's population the technology known as contract contact tracing is designed to curb the spread of the novel Corona virus by telling us as they should Corinthian isolate themselves at the contact with an infected individuals. The Silicon Valley rival said on Friday. Today are building technology to the IRS an android operating systems in two steps. May the companies will add the ability for iphones android. Phones are wirelessly exchange and misinformation via APPS run by public health authorities. The companies were also released frameworks for public health APPs to manage the functionality. This means that if a user test positive covered nineteen as that data to their public health APP users who they come into contact with in the close proximity with over the previous several days. They'll be notified of their contacts. This for this period could be fourteen days but health agencies set the time range. The second step takes longer. And the Common Moss both companies will add to technology directly into the operating system so this contact tracing software works without having to download the nap us most opt in but this approach means many more people would be included. Apple's and Google's android have about three billion users between over third of the world's population the pandemic killed one hundred thousand. In fact at one point three million people governments have ordered millions. Stay home sitting in. The global economy to vicious pressure is building to relax. These measures engaged. Were the world back to work. Contacts is a key part of this because again authorities contain potential. Resurgence of the virus as as people resumed regular activities I understand the purpose of it. But because these things are aren't going to be. What is the government going to step in our regulations on this? What are they gonNA keep? What are they not going to keep going to hack into it and steal the shit if somebody just all of a sudden they're gonNA be looking around accusing everybody around him. I haven't look around people getting stupid shit so one those things for me. I understand but I'm like. Nah I'm I'm good. You know I'm good on this. I would rather people old-fashioned testing and all that shit like this supposed to be done and use those numbers apple and Google stressed on Friday that the system preserves. Us privacy consent is required and location data is not collected. The technology also won't notify users who they come into contact with or where that happened in the Communist. Said they can't see this data either and noted how system can be shutdown needed to tell me but I don't believe you then by Batman at the end of the dark knight when he told Lucius Fox to put his name into that system. That tap. Everybody's phones computers should have just say time. He's just like listen. I gotTA burn down. We doing this or not. I don't believe because it's always something is always her thing on do this then. Five years fanatical about somebody hacked and put out information on the black market. I'm good Nigga. Aside from privacy and trust concerns challenges include the availability of widespread and free testing to complement the APP as well as access to mobile phones and other wireless devices according to American Civil Liberties Union. We must be realistic. Dispatch contact. Tracing Meth is likely to exclude many vulnerable members of society like access to technology and already being disproportionately impacted by the pandemic say Jennifer Granick. Aclu's the valence the Cyber Security Council in a statement I'm just happy to see Google coming together. You know it's like finally missed Hispanic until the hell out. You know like Louise Wash to be for you down. Maybe we can both get the same updates at the same time now right now. Give us your health information. We know you got that Corona. Yeah I don't know man. I'll be honest with the for me. Things like if they don't have testing widespread testing. I don't know how anything's GONNA work. Correct you know. I'M NOT. I'm not as worried about my data privacy shit. I know. That's a big thing for most people and I'm not trying to act like it's no big deal but it doesn't bother me bothers a Lotta people you know. I like when I log into facebook and it's like member. Churches like an animal like. Oh yeah well desert That's not the thing that bothers me. Shit they're bothers me would be like the parent. The mass paranoia. That will happen from you. Just get an alert like using contact with somebody look around the virus. It's like I don't know what if luck that was when this happened right how to avoid it you know that. Kinda Shit And you know. When are we going to get to the point where it's like? Don't go to the stores around virus you know life is so it's just a little. I don't know it just feels like a little too is like it'll be more more damage than good if if honestly if it was something especially what you've been able to opt into it if it was something that we opt into? I'm not sure I would not been if I had a chance of protecting me. But this doesn't really seem preventative And it doesn't really seem like it's like science you know it's like we we are tracking people came up. You checking me anyway. I don't see the point of extra tracking. Yeah so maybe. We are some type of like testing. It just seemed like the real answer to all this is going to be. We need more test agreed and until then does nothing else. Anybody could do. And I'm like you. Accuracy mass panic. I could see people getting these alerts. And all of a sudden deduct officers going crazy particularly for some hundreds possibly thousands of people getting alert. Today was in the surrounding of somebody and opposite. You have floods people around our one more worried than the net about people that do stuff like F- I've only been around one person this week and this game mccown.

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