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Investigating the death of a man whose body was found today in lower Queen Anne were told officers made the discovery after being called to a report of a person down in the area Fifth Avenue north and Harrison, not far from the space needle, investigators say they will work with the medical examiner to determine how the man died. Wait times at the Seattle children's hospital ER are climbing details from northwest news radio's jeopardy. Whether it's COVID influenza or even RSV, the emergency department has seen a significant influx of patients, ER director doctor Kimberly stone says they've been well over capacity. It had been about 200% at peak times. It's gone up to more like 250 to 300% at times. But she says that shouldn't deter parents if they need to bring their kid to the ER as patients are triaged and always treated in order of severity. Jeff pojo and northwest news radio. This midterm election campaign has been one of the most brutally negative campaigns in recent memory northwest news radio's Ryan Harris, as the leaders of both major parties about it. It's been part of the Republican playbook for decades, says Tina podlaski, Washington state Democratic Party chair, what she calls, quote, fear, misinformation and lies. I think that it is not good for a civic forum to put that fear misinformation and lies out there. Look at the rise of Fox News and look at the rise of politicians who are play fast and loose with the truth and it's not okay. I think that washingtonian voters are smarter than that. State Republican Party chair Caleb heimlich calls it unfortunate, but says its reality that negative ads work. As long as voters keep rewarding those that run negative ads by voting for them, the ads are going to continue to get more negative. I think it is fair to criticize someone for their votes, criticize someone for the policies and the laws that they implemented and criticize people for the results of those policies. Democrats have also repeatedly accused Republicans of racist tactics which heimlich calls a quote blatant lie and says he would absolutely denounce. Ryan Harris northwest news radio. The estimated jackpot for Saturday's Powerball drawing is now a record $1.6 billion that pride grows right along with increasing ticket sales, which provides several benefits for our state. Christie week's legal services director for the Washington lottery says the money does not pay for K through 12 schools, but 18% goes to education, including college scholarships and grants. We also provided 25% of the total budget for the early childhood education and assistance program, which serves three to 5 year olds, sends them to preschool, gets them ready for a good learning experience when they do start kindergarten. Weeks as lottery money is also help pay for big projects like part of the Seahawks stadium. It's another record year for big boats along the Seattle waterfront northwest news radio's Brian Calvert explains. It appears several of us were very eager to return to see this past summer. Seattle said another cruise season record, according to the port of Seattle, 295 ships stopped here this year, bringing 1.3 million passengers. It's a jump from 20 19s pre-pandemic numbers when 211 ships parked here. This was a bumper year port of Seattle commissioner Fred Feldman told the puget sound business journal. COVID is really shown us what it's going to look like if we don't approach this with a sense of responsibility. It's coming back strong and we're trying to make sure we don't kill the goose with the golden egg. The numbers this year are also strong at sea tac international airport where passenger counts are higher than they've been in a couple of years, but still 11% lower than the numbers of 2019. Brian Calvert, northwest news radio. We check the Beacon plumbing sports desk at ten and 40 minutes past the hour pack 12 football Friday night as Oregon state plane at Washington that game is just gotten underway. It's still zero zero. The icy hot Seattle kraken ride

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