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In one hour and you have to go through all these on 58 oops and then disarm it with like .5 seconds left like, oh my God, we got it. But no, from the get go, you have a built in time of whatever 58 minutes and the guy is going to show up. But these other planes have 90 minutes and they're going to ride a fuel. This movie did such a good job of playing the Chekhov's gun card, where at the very beginning, she shows her the taser and says, next time somebody says something to me, I'm just going to knock him out with a taser. That porker Willard Scott. And then straight up later in the movie. She uses the taser to knock out the reporter. But the completely ignore the Chekhov's gun opportunity of we have this technology with the phone doesn't come into play in the actual plot where it's like they could actually talk to the pilots and let them know what's up. Like, oh, look, we have a line of communication outside of what is expected. But they also never had to absolutely kill an entire plane of people now like they normally it's the guy that's one or two people dying and he's like, no, this far and no further, but they killed 230 they said there's 230 people on this plane. They're one survivor. Two tie ins, I'm gonna make tonight to con air. But the pilot of that plane was the FBI agent from con air. Oh, yeah. Chief of Brian. From Star Trek. Yeah. Man. From deep space. Calling me? Yeah, call me. It was pilot number one. Great Irish actor. Yeah. He was flying in from Heathrow. Yeah. And it's interesting to watch this from my perspective because it's like anybody who knows me will tell you that I'm deathly afraid to fly. I hate flying. And so it's weird to watch. It's unnatural. Yeah. Watching movie that depicts plane crashes. In this case, very graphic detail of a plane. Yeah, miscalculating the runway. Todd, I don't think you can do that anymore. I don't think you can just like set the runway like 200 feet below. No, that can not happen. My understanding was that it is possible for a pilot on manual control to miss calculate the runway that does happen. So Todd for his bachelor party went to Mexico. And he was not a good flyer. No. And so he got a prescription to go there, and I hadn't flown in a good long while as well. And he might have helped me out as well. And not so much on the way there, but on the way back, we had, I want to say a 40 minute pardon me..

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