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For the American midwest today, there's been little respite from the deep freeze that is expected to come this weekend as the polar air mass pushes on, but it leaves at least fifteen people dead and a long list of all time. Low temperatures, here's Amnon Avaz with more. Appleton. Wisconsin is native twenty two degrees. Negative, forty two days of dangerous coal came to a head early this morning for much of the midwest and northeastern Wisconsin, wind chills. Forty three below zero froze hot water in mid air. In Illinois estate record-breaking, minus thirty eight degrees in mount Carroll, not counting the wind chill in Houston. Minnesota minus thirty seven degrees negative forty nine with the wind chill and in Michigan wind chill readings and the negative forties. Compounded by a fire yesterday at a natural gas station north of Detroit, he made it through the night, governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Michigan's may natural gas utility had to ask people to turn thermostats down to sixty five degrees, automakers General Motors, Ford, Fiat, Chrysler and other big energy users suspended production at eighteen plants voluntary efforts in the curcumin efforts to drop the load by about ten percent was was needed an art of able to weather the peak that we saw this morning. Meanwhile, crews scrambled to restore electric grids and gas lines elsewhere, including to some sixty thousand customers who lost power around Chicago yesterday, the city had already frozen over and mayor Rahm Emanuel warned of a new storm with more snow on the way, we're not out of the woods yet. But most vulnerable to the long stretch of cold thousands of homeless people across the region in Madison Wisconsin first United Methodist Church has been running an emergency shelter since Monday. Karen, Andro is in charge.

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