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Of the day powered by 27 hunger britain journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries around the world climate vacs you're on this edition of bloomberg breast for monday august one infers former general motors was banned akerson thoughts about president donald trump's reaction to violence in charlottesville i think what transpired last week was pretty serious breach of what i think this company this country stand for and he jim chief economist nathan sheets talks about choosing a person to have the fed have the central bank governor said judge shares from various backgrounds iv is probably a good thing all this more coming up in the next hour bloomberg best us let's check the markets fans some of today's top business stories i'm charlie pellett most stocks rose look dollar edged lower amid growing unease about persistent low inflation band investors are awaiting central bank speeches and jackson hole fed chair janet yellen will be there as well as european central bank president mario draghi as to what to expect from draghi here's ethan harris head of global economics research at merrill lynch i don't think there's much he can say to kind of help through one problem vera fear oppose really no sir currencies too strong and he'd like to sound doveish and he'd love to see the euro weaker uh but there's there's not an obvious policy follow up from just talking about a investors are also watching washington john lewis's head of global asset allocation of jp morgan chase he says markets are worried about white house policy the market is worried about paul his going where he will use to politics but when policy gets effect that particular kansas administration and congress get some kind of tax reform fiscal stimulus goalie true total who's read the by the oil and gas unit of ap moeller maersk the french company's biggest acquisition since 1999 and another sign of the accelerating pace of energy deals after a long downturn here's maersk ceo soeren sco so as part of.

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