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Live from the Matthews Brothers Studios. For 4 542 42 One of the textures here on the line that text Linus Howie 263566 If you want to text this anything, says why Why aren't you talking about the truancy issue? Apparently, the California Assembly passed a law making it a criminal offense to keep your kids out of school and she actually threw threw some parents. In in prison. She convicted people and, uh, keeping their kids out of school for and some sometimes they had they had diseases. They were worried about going to schools and being, in fact that I mean, this isn't covert 19. These air This is stopped. That could really kill the kids, and she threw him in jail. And and she she now says she quote unquote regrets what she did, but you know the thing is we? She has a long, lengthy record with a lot of Ah, allot of things she's not gonna want to be talking about, But we got enough time to get it. We'll get to everything before this campaign is over. A lot of this stuff sounds like wannabe dictator. Type of decisions, and I thought Trump was the one who wanted to be a dictator, but she's got him beat. No, the cuts we've been playing about the first and the second amendments. Trump has never said anything like that. Never, Howie. In my news today, I'd like to go over a little bit of Ben Shapiro. So I've been getting a lot of people asking me. Oh, what do you think about Kamala Harris? You know she could be big trouble for Trump. But it's usually people who aren't watching this day today because Like we had John Hind Rock around yesterday. He put it really well. On paper. She would be someone we should be scared of as a candidate, But when you really get to see her in action, you realize she's not so bench appears like a first round draft choice in the NFL who turns out to be a bust. Right, right. $1,000,000 body. 10 cent had a CZ they say about baseball players. So Ben Shapiro wrote this column today. Joe Biden's awful vice presidential pick, and I'm going to read you, some of it. For well over a year. Former Vice President Joe Biden has carried forth a simple strategy be non threatening. He goes on to explain how he barely see they continue breathing. Well, he goes on to say facing a volatile, mistake prone incumbent by two merely has to Minnick vital signs, stay out of the spotlight and avoid looking off putting or radical and he accomplished those objectives to great effect, which is true because he is it technically ahead in the polls. Hey, barely stumbled his way through the Democratic primaries, representing the non radical voting repository for those alienated by the extremism of Let's say Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren. And all he had before him was one final final hurdle picking a vice president. Usually the vice presidential pick means very little. We've talked about this because usually They're in a position where they don't really make a lot of decisions. This is different. I don't have to make you think so. I think this is another in the in the long tradition of temp canes. This is Sergeant Shriver's Howie. This is or Jack Kemps. You don't think this is different that being Joe Biden vice president is different from being a regular person's I just don't think he's gonna whining fast. You've been a downhill skier. He's he's going so downhill so fast. Incredible. I think that's what's going to spare us. The the the Hello. Of a comm. Ella Harris presidency, Joe Biden will be 78 November and appears to be slipping significantly mentally, despite CNN's protests that he can still ride a bicycle. There is a reason nearly six in 10 Americans, according to a new Rasmussen poll think Biden's vice president will finish his first term, so all he had to do was pick someone non threatening, who could kind of keep up his centrist? Mentality, and he picks someone who's not moderate at all. And just goes to show that he's not moderate. Did you see his? He emailed out to his supporters last night? I've decided that Kamala Harris is the best person to help me take this fight to Donald Trump and Mike Pence and then to lead this nation starting in January 2021. I thought I thought he was running for president, not her. Well, I have seen these great tweets, and one of them was a cartoon of a Trojan horse and the Trojan horse was labeled Biden and then inside with Kamala Harris, and it's true. They just want to get somebody in there who's radical left, But they had to use Joe Biden as thie centered candidate and he's just not Anyone who's been listening to anything. Either of these two people have been saying knows that you should be scared. If you're one of those moderate voters who would just want to cast a ballot to feel good. You should be worried. I was going to be a left this though, anyway, all the All the finalists were left us. I know Karen Bass. Gretchen Whitmer. Right. Look, Gretchen, Gretchen Whitmer. Maybe the most Authoritarian crazed, covert 19 petty pyre in't of a mall. She may be worse than the Parker in Massachusetts as we call Charlie Baker or Cuomo or Murphy. Yeah, I know. And it's It's just calm down a little bit, but I mean, in the early days she was out of control. I wonder if they're going to say to Joe Biden now that they have kamala onstage with him If they're going to say OK, leave The the dates and the places and the numbers to Kamala..

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