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Easy he knows his game turnaround i just shoot over you can't nobody for me to do here you know like i said by came back great players with me and i brought a championship here now is this is a situation where i have to make the best season for me and my family and the city shouldn't be mad at them they should support him the texas pepsi i don't know what happened there but i liked it that is i i do like your point though that i agree with you is he came back listen man they don't win championships in cleveland they just don't have it and they got one and it's all good steven jackson hey put joy that's it man a joy joyce here now she's on her show fulltime now you can only deal with me in short spurts too many into too many women you can talk to about sports you casinos yet stuff our three coming up in la live in the her ben maller here even if you're a big time basketball fan might be a few facts about the game you don't know like did you know that the first hoops were actually peach baskets or that a warm basketball is to you than a cold one or the players can run as much as four miles during a game here's another fact you might not know that's actually really helpful if you need to buy a car truecar also helps people get used cars some features not.

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