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Gets the start. He hasn't allowed an earned run over his last two outings and at Wrigley Cubs hosting the national Zach Davies on the bomb. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN sports and now the WGN forecast. Showers likely tonight with an overnight low temperature of 62 degrees. Showers and storms continue on Wednesday about a 50% chance for rain worked 82. Thursday will be warm and breezy. A stray shower storm can't be ruled out during the afternoon high reaches 84. They're 86 Friday and 89 Saturday sun and clouds with a high of 90 by Sunday. I'm WGN meteorologist Dimitrius Ivory. Your money on W. G and Dow ended the day down. 267 points. NASDAQ finished 75 points. Lower S and P 500 ended down 35 points. I'm Lorna PCA on Chicago's very own 7 20 w G. And coming up this hour Tom Skilling a 90 in the forecast a week ahead. That's way warmer than last week. You'll tell us about that we'll check in with Channel nine's Ben Bradlee as well. This hour, he's got more on a WGN investigative report. It's about to marijuana dispensaries that appear to be breaking.

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