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An perimeters are being formed in helicopters would begin and tactical teams are on a you know on the ground and trying to find the active shooter and then at but there's no pathology associated with whoever does it credit away tell you how much i hate the freeze active shooter it sounds like a lululemon like you know you're in your soul cycle through unavailable senator yet active shooter lifestyles you teredo he mother yeah i mean it's it's a bunch it's a load of who he is i mean is this this kid to me as a terrorist you know and like and you need to start treating this sick fascination with guns with weaponry um and this need for like a penis substitute or whatever for kids you know a for young boys for for young males to prove themselves especially if you reject than like like i'll i got guns you know i it so i mean i see a i have kids you have a kid there are are a there there's so many signals already of dislike abhorrence like male behaviour when the kids are young like pro i beg shoot you you die like making anything to a gun dd ever i mean you have smith wesson i am still like that i have fully recovered from there but but i totally agree that you know on the one hand everyone is sort of while you know there's a problem with masculinity this country and they're absolutely is and the same time i don't really see anyone doing anything about it really serious about a guy like well and just to remind everybody at the you know president obama had put into.

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