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And Labour Day might be a blur, but not for 77 year old veteran Peter Clarke of Bow, New Hampshire. That's him night after night with his trumpet in his driveway, playing taps to let people know veterans make a difference. And to remember his wife who passed away three years ago so glad What I did. Touch souls in mind to Clark says he's amazed so many people showed up for the 100 nights. His trumpet, wailed Derek Dennis ABC News. I am not surprised how many people showed up each night to listen to that. As a teenager. I used to serve his country even at 77 years old, and it is nice to be reminded of the veterans who live among us and in our neighborhoods. Indeed, Katie our news time is 7 36. Update traffic now and on this Tuesday morning, just a few things getting in the way detoured and I'll tell you what is getting in the way live in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center. Just in the last couple minutes, A few brake lights have started getting in the way up in the North Valley on the 101 Freeway eastbound approaching Cave Creek. There's about a one mile stretch of minor light flowing south bound 17. You're still getting a couple of extra minutes approaching Central Avenue due to the bridge reconstruction. And now the Eastbound from 51st Avenue into the deck, park tunnel, minor lights low and go starting to develop for you as well. Also, if your ex north bound on the one who won all three erect in the clearing stages ofthe righted Indian school stuff out, won a one on the team, a freeway at Cactus, a stalled vehicle blocking the H O. V. Lane to service three wrecks 35th Avenue and Osborne and Shea Boulevard west of 136 3. Traffic report brought to you by sort of propane er's. If you want the house that your neighbors are gonna be jealous up, then you need certain painters schedule your free estimate. Today. It's sort of pro dot com teacher named Jamie just said she's looking at your sweaters and boots and maybe not right away. But it's it's getting closer, mostly sunny and windy today with a high of 101. Tonight. Clear the low 70. Then Here's what you got on Wednesday Sunny skies 92.

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