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He's created enough enough hostility and chaos that they don't want more of it taken tolerated with him but i don't they don't want more they really want people to work together and so roy more repors represented more of that i think i think both parties pv candidates out there running right now do not underestimate the power of of pushing not just against washington but against and and not just against they can't get anything done but against the division in chaotic and and hostile washington d c and that it's time it's time to actually sit down reach across the aisle and and start getting things done for the american people now the problem with that and that's where we didn't have a primary i mean it get now let's go back to robert kennedy jr we sign of the famous candy emily so we did i mean we had a primary but you know what i'm saying i wasn't i wasn't a fight uh we didn't have to fend off uh a bunch of people who would have been who might have been out there i don't obey would or not but it would have been you know wait a minute what are you doing you know uh talking about finding common ground with uh with a those republicans or vice versa that happened when we ran the honor add gettysburg and the civil war and the battle little round top that's what the probably the spot that close it about that from an accuser i think that at is a a usual add to somebody who is not familiar with it see even add that is a bow gettysburg brian alabama via and the point of that ad is it doug jones would like to go work with some northerners on legislation right yeah as i'd like to know about that is being of that add as an alabama in as an ldc alabama men in that thing right.

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