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Daca i guess you will. Towards the end of his life as saying the changes in the world at large body produces wonderful copy of treasure island which i really enjoyed so the actual book itself. I what is treasure island all about how to give you a little bit of description because it is a fiction book and been reviewing fiction books. Sorry let me. Just tell the story. So if you haven't read treasury lemme indulge so it begins like all other stories so basically all about jim. Jim billy bones. Pirates are parrots. Everything you can think of in between and it just sort of peruse through the gym living at home with families at the admiral bimbo believe cold where billy bones apart comes in with a lot of bottoms in his chest and such drinking and drinking lots of rum and telling these stories basically people come come in and try to give them the blackspot trying to get rid of him and then leads into this huge events to the point where jim finds out that he's got a treasure map. Takes to the doctor and the squire they get together the bill the the boat they take this burden. Find a group of people to be able to stop it and gold way the the treasure island they go through all these prices to find people on this island. You've got all the usual things that you would think about between pirates and the you got mutinies. You've got people dying you've got stuck aids the use of the old pistols everything that you would imagine a i guess a apart book to be about and finally enough going through a little bit of the research on treasure all the way that robert louis. Stevenson actually voted down. I believe that this is a lotta. The idea stemmed from of what makes the the idea that we think of today off parts the idea of parrots and the rum in the singing and everything else largely came through from this book. Now that might be the only parts that i've read. They might go even further than that. And i'm actually being the truth from all the way back in the day. But from what i can find. That's still sort of remains from what this book provides. The book itself is extremely say. It's a duality extremely foss pangs. But at the same time it's extremely detailed win. It needs to be so it is quite magical tarita because i read some books as fiction books recently as well where you can just tell the maybe tries to put too much detail tries to put too much emphasis on the wrong thing but the way that it was unin treasure island. You're able to rob the details where it's important and then it just sort of skips really quickly through to the next point so whether jim and the group of people were travelling to who all and he basically goes through this. Oh well nothing happened. Kind of in a page really quickly of the fact that they're going to get and then he sort of retracts back and talk through three really key stories that happen that sets the scene so kind of getting only glimpses was the story of what genuinely would have happened on these fictionally. But it's able to draw you in really well really easily into these really important bits. Bits and it makes great. I could imagine the backend day. And i look. I'm not sure reading in the day especially with understanding the language. I was being extended. Then wow amazing. So it's a little bit of the synopsis. The themes in the book. And i wanted to collect this as welling pollute more forward into all themes of the book of treasure island as well as fit some of the ideas that i had reading three so one was fortunate. Agreed even the main character of. Jim doesn't escape this so fortunate. Greed treasurer bounty full. If excuse the little saying you know whether it's billy barnes whether it's captain flint at the beginning whether it's long john silver Everybody goes through a process where they get greedy or they want to find more fortunes at the very beginning. It's easy to see way. Billy barnes ways the other parts trying to get to the treasury. They want to go and get this treasure. All this money that they've been promised to live the life the way they want of course fantastic and straightforward. I agree that you might think about. But you see in the book where jim sides to leave the stockade and things of this. You know he's gonna find billy guns boat and take the cacus and take it around you find the boat which is called the espn espn spagnuola. I believe it is. And then i'm going to grab it. I'm gonna be the winner here all the winner at least in the fact that everyone's going gonna be really grateful for the fact that he did this and then he actually finds that this people in bodey ends up having kill them or these through fights and find the ones that the other one isn't it ends up killing him in the end brings abode around to a particular area and then he stumbles across into the cage thinking of himself as a hero and i think he aren't going to go to sleep right where i left where i left all all my comrades. Five or six. Who left at that time. Only to find that he walked straight into all the parts were staying including long john silver so completely backfired for him and so obviously showcasing greed and the fortune. That you can overstep is follow vegas and becoming a man so originally this treasure island was actually presented as book for boys and that was the title of the book or just the the intent of the book but it was it was supposed to be almost a kind of a showcasing the movement of from a boy to a man so right at the beginning of the story jim loses his dad and that happens as pot of sickness and he tells us know well so he pauses on from that and into the stage of arc. We'll got to now make some decisions and actions in place and as the story goes on you can see well written obviously but robert just the way that he builds up this discourage this fortitude the ability to go back and communicate exactly what he feels the very beginning he goes into the thank. You was lookout gloss bah and there's lot of people and there's not really talking to anybody not really conversing by the end of the book you know. He's gone territory with long. John silver and the other the other part and almost sort of resorting back in being really courageous and comfortable saying to end up allowing him to survive so that was a theme number two so third theme courage adventure and pragmatism. So if there's anything that you probably could also take away from the book just the the the courage. And sometimes it pragmatism of some of the people that you wouldn't expect specifically. I'm going to call out long. John silver's throughout throughout the actual book. You know the very beginning. You don't really know that he's the bad guy you know he's going to. He's on crutches. You gotta peg leg and earlier in the book. It actually talked about a watch out for this particular part. So you're thinking Could be him. It might not be ends up being. That was bad guy originally ultimately but he seems play fakes until gyms in the apple barrel and he is about what long john silver's planning to do okay so he's understood that but as the story develops and they're on the island and this pot way they tried to raise the white flag long john silver and the gaza's and the enemies basically saying to jim the the noise pirates minnesota nice not parts of the doctor in the squire and everyone else with them. All look resign. Let us help out and try to support. And between that and also when jim comes back expanding this story when he goes into the stockade not letting the other parts take jimin essentially kill him using him as a as a piece then convey and talk to the doctor who was coming to see them in taking care of the enemies into because it had head injuries. All these sort of things and as soon as things turned you would see the cards and the pragmatism of long john. Silver's got. oh okay. where am i best place to go. I'm gonna go and do this now. There's not going to be the best thing for me a bed jump here and routed the end win the parts come up to where they finally find the treasures should be and the rot rodney guy and they find. Oh my god. It's empty and even in the book. It says the drop of a hat. Long john silver. It's okay it's basically himself. He's wearing jim along. Who following sort of the main character and the good side and all the rest of that part. Because he's gone. Jim tables gonna turn. These guys are gonna get angry. Get ready to shoot. Unfortunately as well for them. They get rescued as well by all the friends who are hanging around and things were happening personal observations. Follow the book struck a really fine balance just detailing as i said at the beginning detailing the release specific things whether it was sand or the water. So there's a lot of detailed win. let's say. Jim was traveling with all the way through the boats. And it just really detailed. How how long. It took the that it was taken to. You really intrigued drawn in could do it. Could he bring the fight back and all these battles but then it was able to just massively skip through a lot of big things. Like a lord of the travel i think nowadays if someone had decided to re write such a book like this you probably would have gone two hundred extra pages somewhere in that trip. They would've tried to stretch the part of the island other storylines come along but it was. It was done in such a way that you know you only got to see some of the story line and the other was essentially happening in the background. But you didn't have to get filled in. It didn't have to be demonstrated because it was. It was a structured in a way that you knew and you found out later on all of this happening and you knew just enough to be able to keep on reading for and this going to say. This is one of the oldest books i've ever read personally. Wanted to read all the books but a lot. More like these of the classics. I'm definitely prepared to go on and read a lot more. Obviously like treasure island. So i mean in summary. It was delightful. Read that had been enthralled just a few pages in it was witty. It was space dove right in and for me. It meant that. I gave this seven and a half out of tent. Pretty solid review on my part. I was gonna say. I read this faster than i wanted to. But that's probably. Because i only had a couple of nights actually read it. Spread out over a couple of weeks but it was a few nights. Words just absolutely smashed out and devout. Have you read treasure island by robert louis stevenson. What did you think of it at. Be keen to hear from yourselves me models. I hope you enjoyed that Over here in the new models book reviews of you're watching on the youtube channel of course free to subscribe feel good things. If you listening to this well make sure you also subscribing. Make sure you're sharing it. 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